Real Hot Girl TikTok Lyrics Explained And Trend Dance Videos

If you are looking for Real Hot Girl TikTok lyrics, you have come to the correct website, we have explored everything to know about the sound and the creator of the sound which is currently exploding TikTok. 

TikTok, as we all know, is never out of new trends, due to a variety and a large number of creators there is always something popping up in the short video-sharing platform now and then.

Recently, a new trend has started appearing on the platform and people have made thousands of videos already following the trend. If you are also looking to hop on the trend, well, we have got you covered.

Let us learn more about the Real Hot Girl TikTok lyrics and explore more about the creator and trend dance video.

Real Hot Girl TikTok Lyrics Explained

Real Hot Girl TikTok Lyrics is explained in this article, so make sure you stick till the end to learn.

Without any delay, let’s get straight into the lyrics of the song. The lyrics are as follows.

All the hot girls make it pop, pop, pop (Pop, pop)

Bad Bitc**s with the bag say “ah-ya-ya.”

If he ain’t talking ’bout no money tell him “bye-bye-bye” (Boy Bye).

And if you see a mad h*e tell her ” hah hah hah.”

Hey! don’t get mad h*e, get a bag h*e.

Don’t get mad h*e, get a bag h*e.

Don’t get mad h*e, f**k a broke h*e.

Don’t get mad h*e, get a bag h*e.

Spicy, pricey, neck and wrist are icy.

Bit*h its money-making Megan, h*e, get like me.

I rode it, a soldier, a hot girl, he wants it.

However, the songs continue to a length but only the above-mentioned lyrics are trending on TikTok as of now.

If you are curious about the full lyrics of the song, we have attached a video of the song below, you can enjoy it.

Real Hot Girl Trend Dance Videos Explored

Real Hot Girl trend dance videos are trending on the popular platform TikTok.

Over 384.7K people have already made their video amassing millions of videos even billions as of now.

The trend features, mostly women showing off their moves on their video.

With thousands of people making their videos, a variety is found, some show much energy in their dance but some lack the energy but we are not here to judge.

Who Is Singer Of Real Hot Girl?’ Singer Revealed

The real Hot Girl song is sung by the popular singer Megan Thee Stallion.

Megan Thee Stallion aka Megan Jovon Ruth Pete is an American rapper from Huston Texas.

She moved forward in her career with the social media platforms and launched her first album Good News last year in 2020.

The song Real Hot Girl was released a year ago but has been attracting the eyes of music lovers and TikTok creators recently as well.