Did Ahmaud Arbery Toes Had Dirt in Them? Nails in Autopsy Photos Has an Explanation

Ahmaud Arbery’s death trial is currently ongoing and new facts are being released every minute. Here’s everything to know about it. 

Ahmaud Arbery’s death trial takes a different turn when dirt was found in his toes in autopsy photos. According to the autopsy photos, his nails were dirty and had dirt in them.

Moreover, the defense attorney tried to use his appearance to paint a picture of him in society. It probably wasn’t a good move as Arbery’s mother walked out of the courtroom citing the comment as “rude.”

The trial is currently going on.

What Was Found On Ahmaud Arbery Toes? Nails in Autopsy Photos

Ahmaud Arbery’s toes show elements of dirt on them. His nails look dirty in autopsy photos.

A 25-year-old black man named Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed in Satilla Shores, Georgia on February 23, 2020. Three men were arrested and charged, who are currently undergoing trial.

Moreover, the case has gained nationwide recognition as it is often interpreted as racial killing because all of the suspects are white. There is also inconclusive video footage of the incident when it happened a year and a half before.

Ahmaud Arbery Murder: Jury Verdict Update

The jury is yet to give any verdict on the murder trial of Ahmaud Arbery.

With the trial still going on, nothing conclusive has occurred yet. But a lot of people on social media have already given their verdict. There is zero tolerance for racism leading to racial crimes.

We will update you more about the jury verdict as soon as the details are made available.

Ahmaud Arbery Murder: What Happened?

Ahmaud Arbery was a 25-year-old black man who was gunned down and killed in Georgia.

According to the video footage, he was jogging on the street when three men started pursuing him in pickup trucks. Those men are white and recognized as Travis McMichael, his father, Greg, their neighbour

The suspects thought that Arbery was running after committing a robbery and pursued him in that sense. And then, Travis shot Ahmaud Arbery with a shotgun.

We will update you more as soon as possible.