Who Are Jackson Bush & Samuel Bush? Astroworld Security Guards Sue Travis Scott

Jackson Bush and Samuel Bush are the two security guards at Astroworld who have filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott and the company that hired them. Learn more about the incident in this article.

Jackson Bush and Samuel Bush were hired by New York-based AJ Melino & Associates for the Astroworld Festival. The two are suing both the company and Travis Scott as they were assigned to work at an unsafe place without proper training.

10 people including a 9-year-old boy died after suffering injuries at the concert. They claim that they were not trained properly for the event.

Who Are Jackson Bush And Samuel Bush? Find Out Their Age

Jackson Bush and Samuel Bush are the two security guards who were assigned security duties at the Astroworld Festival. Both of them sustained injuries during the crowd surge as Travis Scott performed on stage.

Samuel Bush’s age is 25 years old and his uncle Jackson Bush’s age is 46 years old. Both of them were the victim of mismanagement by the event organizers and blame the company’s lack of incompetency for holding such a huge event without proper management.

Jackson Bush And Samuel Bush: Astroworld Security guards Sue Travis Scott

Astroworld security guards, Jackson Bush, and Samuel Bush, have filed a lawsuit against the company that hired them. They are suing the company along with Travis Scott, the Cactus Jack Foundation, Live Nation, NRG Energy, and the Harris County Sports Authority.

Both of them are claiming mental and physical injuries from working at the event as ten people, including a 9-year-old, lost their lives. They blame the security company for not properly training the security personnel for the chaos that happened that night.

The lawsuit is asking for more than $1 million in damages and is filed against Travis and the company that hired them.

More than thirty lawsuits have been filed against the organizers of the Astroworld and Travis Scott as the police are investigating exactly what went wrong during the concert.

Meet Them On Instagram

Unfortunately, we could not find both Jackson and Samuel Bush on Instagram. They are currently trending n social media following their lawsuit against Travis and the security company.

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