Is Jeremy Paxman Seriously Ill? His Health And Illness Update

Is Jeremy Paxman Ill? Jeremy Paxman is a renowned host of University Challenge. Let’s explore his illness details and the latest update on his health.

Jeremy Paxman is a broadcaster, author, journalist, and television presenter from England.

Jeremy is well-known as the host of the British show University Challenge.

The 71-year-old Englishman was born on May 11, 1950, in Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, England.

The journalist first entered BBC through BBC Radio Brighton and later in BBC’s show Tonight and Panorama.

Similarly, he worked as a newsreader for the BBC’s Six O’Clock News, and after that, as a presenter on breakfast Time.

However, The 71-year-old journalistic credibility got established when he began presenting BBC Two program Newsnight.

He grew popular for his sturdy questioning of politicians and other figures on the show.

In 2014, he left Newsnight and began hosting University Challenge.

Is Jeremy Paxman Seriously Ill?

Sadly, yes, Jeremy Paxman is seriously ill as he was diagnosed with Parkison in May of this year.

Before getting diagnosed, the English kept falling over and seriously getting injured due to sudden falls.

After suffering cuts, bruises, and black eyes from the fall, he decided to seek medical advice.

The doctor later diagnosed Jeremy with Parkinson’s, shocking him.

In May, when he revealed to the public his illness, he said he had been getting excellent treatment.

Though Paxman has been diagnosed with an incurable disease, he still hosts University Challenge without any discomfort whatsoever.

Now, after the diagnosis, the 71-year-old is part of the UK’s Parkinson’s Community.

The University Challenge host pledged to donate his brain to Parkinson’s UK Brain Bank.

Jeremy Paxman Health And Illness Update 2021

In 2021, Jeremy Paxman’s health seems normal, and his illness update as of now remains mild.

Jeremy announced his Parkinson’s diagnosis in March 2021.

Parkinson’s disease causes shaking, stiffness, and difficulty in walking and balancing.

This disease is incurable, and its symptoms get worst over time.

As of now, Paxman’s symptoms seem mild as he is still hosting University Challenge.

However, the disease’s unpredictability means Jeremy needs to be extra careful.

Jeremy Paxman Wife

Jeremy Paxman does not have a wife as the Englishman has never married.

However, he was in a relationship with his partner Elizabeth Ann Clough in Stonor, southeast Oxfordshire.

They are parents to three children, Jessica, Jack, and Victoria.

The couple separated in 2016 after 35 years of being together.

Jeremy Paxman Net Worth

Jeremy Paxman’s estimated net worth is over $4.2 million, as per The Sun.

Jeremy has more than 50 years of experience as a journalist, present, and television host.

During his tenure at Newsnight, he reportedly bagged over $1 million per year as a salary.

However, Paxman’s salary as a host of the University Challenge has not been disclosed yet.