Who Is Elijah Spencer? 24 year Old Fan Attacks Seth Rollins

Elijah Spencer is a 24-year-old Seth Rollins fan who is responsible for allegedly attacking him. Let us get to know more about Spencer

On Monday, November 23, 2021, WWE superstar Seth Rollins was attacked by Elijah Spencer on WWE RAW. The assailant has been apprehended by New York police.

During the game at Barclays Center, Rollins was assaulted. While heading back towards the entranceway during the live broadcast, he was attacked.

Spencer had attacked Rollins at full speed as he reached the top of the slope. The two sparred for a time on the ground.

The event was recorded on video by onlookers. The video has gone viral on a number of social media sites. Who is Elijah Spence, and where did he come from?

Who Is Elijah Spencer? 24 year Old Fan Attacks Seth Rollins

Elijah Spencer, sometimes known as Elisah Spencer, is a Brooklyn, New York inhabitant.

He is a wrestling fan who saw Seth and Finn Balor square off on Monday Night Raw. The attacker is obviously wearing red pants in the clip released on Twitter.

Spencer tries to take Seth down as he moves towards the backway’s conclusion. Meanwhile, Rollins had to control the assailant with a submissive act.

On none of the social media networks, the attacker could be found. The NYPD will shortly provide further information on him.

 Is Elijah Spencer Arrested?

Elijah Spencer was arrested on November 23, 2021.

He is been charged with attempted assault and arts and cultural affairs violations. According to reports, he has never been arrested before.

Spencer’s motive for attacking Rollins is unknown. Seth was brought to the WWE medical center after the incident, and his lips were swollen.

The former WWE Champion has yet to make a statement on the matter. Later in the event, he returned for a match against Kevin Owens. Spencer is now being held by the NYPD. He will be prosecuted to the utmost degree possible under the law.

Spencer’s escort from the Barclays Center was captured on video and shared on Twitter. @VancityConner, a Twitter user, shared it.

Elijah Spencer Age: How Old Is He?

Seth Rollins’ assailant, Elijah Spencer, is a 24-year-old man. He was born in the year 1997 or 1998.

Spencer appears to be of mixed heritage based on the clip. Seth Rollins is shorter and has a more fat body than him.