Who Is Elisah Spencer From Brooklyn? WWE Seth Rollins aka Colby Lopez Attacked By A Fan

WWE star Seth Rollins was attacked by a fan named Elisah Spencer during an episode of the Raw show on Monday.

Twitter is flooded with videos of wrestler Seth Rollins getting attacked by a fan named Elisah Spencer.

Rollins, whose real name is Colby Daniel Lopez, is a well-known professional wrestler. Currently, he is signed to WWE and performed on the Raw television show.

He has earned several nicknames from his fans due to his impressive performance inside the ring. Some of his nicknames are The Architect, The Visionary, and The Kingslayer.

Rollins has fought and won many matches in his professional career, which earned him an equal percent of love and hate from his fans.

However, neither his fans nor Rollins himself probably imagined that he would end up getting hurt by a fan during his show.

So, who is Elisah Spencer and why did he attack Rollins?

Who Is Elisah Spencer From Brooklyn?

Elisah Spencer is a young man from Brooklyn, New York.

His name is popping all over social media following his unprecedented live attack on Seth Rollins on Monday’s episode of the Raw television show.

Not many personal details are available about the attacker at the time of publication, but he has been arrested and charged with attempted assault, reported Newsweek.

Seth Rollins Attacked By Fan Elisah Spencer: Video Explained

Audiences present at the scene captured the whole incident involving Seth Rollins and Elisah Spencer on their cell phones. The video has gone viral on social media.

In the video, Rollins was walking toward the entrance after just finishing his match with fellow wrestler Finn Balor.

When he reached near the ramp, Mr. Spencer suddenly charged at him with full speed and tackled the 35-year-old wrestler on the ground.

Footage shows Rollins controlling Spencer on time when the security guard interfered and took Spencer away from him. As per Independent, the WWE star has sustained minor injuries on his lips.

The whole incident was originally filmed live but was cut short when the authorities knew that the attack was not a part of the script.

Apart from attempted assault, Spencer is charged with attempted violation of arts and cultural affairs.

Elisah Spencer Age & Facebook

Elisah Spencer, age 24, could not be found on Facebook.

As Spencer’s face is not clearly seen, it’s difficult to know if he is active on any social media platforms.