Who Is Michiel Huisman Wife Tara Elders? Meet The Actress On Instagram

The Dutch actor Michiel Huisman’s wife Tara Elders shares a year of age with him; He is the cast of the upcoming movie A Boy Called Christmas.

Michiel Huisman is a Dutch actor playing in the upcoming movie A Boy Called Christmas.

Adding to his never-ending CV, the actor is also a musician, songwriter, and singer.

Huisman has starred in both English and Dutch film and Television series thus far.

Some of his notable works are Darrio Naharis on Game of Thrones, Ellis Jones in The Age of Adaline.

The upcoming movie A Boy Called Christmas has been all over the place most recently.

Huisman has portrayed the character of Joel in the upcoming anticipated English movie.

Who Is Michiel Huisman Wife Tara Elders?

Michiel Huisman’s wife, Tara Elders, also pursues a similar profession as her.

Tara Elders is an actress who has worked in Dutch movies and Television series.

Reportedly, the couple exchanged wedding vows over a decade back in a ceremony in 2008.

Michiel and Tara welcomed their daughter a year before their wedding in 2007.

Following the marriage, Tara retired from the acting career to give her full time to her daughter.

She prioritized her daughter over her career to give her all the love she needed.

Previously, the husband-wife lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, until 2017.

Whereas, as of now, they have moved to New York City with their daughter.

Michiel Huisman Age And Bio

The Dutch actor, Michiel Huisman’s age, is 40 years old at this moment in time.

He celebrated his 40th birthday over four months ago on the 18th of July.

Whereas his wife Tara Elders is a year older than the actor making her 41 years.

Michiel Huisman’s bio is flaunted on the mainstream media platform Wikipedia.

The actor was born in Amstelveen, North Holland, in 1981 hence holds Dutch nationality.

Michiel kicked off his professional career with the Dutch Television soap opera Goede tijden in 1998.

Correspondingly, for the very first time, he starred in an international series in 2006.

Not many of us know, but Michiel was a guitarist and singer in the Dutch band named Fontane.

Dutch Actor Michiel Huisman Instagram Explored

Michiel Huisman’s Instagram is within easy reach under the username michielhuisman on the web.

The official account of the actor has accumulated over 528k followers to date.

He is approachable across several platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.