How Old Is Cyrus Arnold From The Movie 8-Bit Christmas? Height & Net Worth

Cyrus Arnold has a unique ability to handle both comedy and drama with equal ease, appearing in films ranging from broad comedies like “Zoolander 2” to dark dramas like “Run. Hide. Fight.” 

Cyrus is also a gifted screenwriter who plans to write, direct and produce films in the future.

He’ll be seen as Josh Jagorski in the New Line Cinema/HBO Max Original 8-Bit Christmas later this year, as well as a significant character in the Disney+ original “Just Beyond.”

Soon, Cyrus grew more successful in his industry in a brief amount of time, influencing people through his career and accumulating a considerable deal of reputation.

After a while, Arnold’s career came full circle as he rose in prominence. Cyrus Arnold became famous in his own country, the United States of America, and other countries due to his performance.

Let’s learn more about the talented young actor through the article here.

Cyrus Arnold Age Details

Arnold was born on January 2, 2003. So he is currently 18 years old.

Arnold is the son of Lea Anne Wolfe and Blake Arnold. The talented actor was born in Burbank, California.

Moreover, he has a younger sibling who lives with him.

Arnold started acting when he was eight years old and appeared in several commercials and television series.

In Zoolander 2, he made his big-screen debut as Derek Zoolander Jr. He has mentioned that he would like to work as a scriptwriter in the future.

Cyrus Arnold Height

Cyrus Arnold has a tall height. The young actor Cyrus stands at the height of 6′ 2½,” i.e., 1.89 m.

Unfortunately, there is no information about Cyrus’ weight. However, we will update you as soon as the information is disclosed.

Cyrus Arnold Net Worth

Cyrus Arnold’s net worth is still under review. So, unfortunately, we do not have the estimated net worth of the actor.

According to Career Trend, in May 2017, the median hourly wage for actors of all ages was $17.49.

The point in a list where half earn more, and half make less is the median salary.

Actors earned $8.97 an hour or less on the low end and $89.08 an hour or more on the high end.

So Cyrus Arnold must also have earned a fortune through his acting career, which commenced in 2013.

Cyrus Arnold Instagram

Cyrus Arnold is active on various social media platforms. However, he is mainly active on Instagram.

You can find him on Instagram by the username @cyrusarnold.

As of November 2021, Cyrus has accumulated more than 10k followers on there.

The actor consistently posts pictures giving updates about his life to his fans and followers.