CBS: Who Is Nate Burleson Wife Atoya Burleson? Everything On Her Family And More

CBS’s Nate Burleson’s wife Atoya Burleson is also a former sportsperson but didn’t make a great impact like her NFL husband.

Atoya Burleson is the wife of Television host Nate Burleson aka Nathaniel E. Burleson.

Well known for being the spouse of CBS host, Atoya has gained quite a popularity because of her title as NFL’s spouse.

As per the New York Post, her life partner had good athletic days and even after retirement, Nate has been enjoying a successful career after engaging in the media sector.

Atoya Burleson: CBS Nate Burleson Wife

Atoya Burleson, the beloved wife of Nate Burleson, is an entrepreneur, influencer, athlete, and fashionista.

Professionally, she is also involved as a blogger and writes regarding fashion, lifestyle, and travel. What’s more, she also works as a host of a podcast Insidelines, which celebrates women through transparent, honest, and vulnerable conversations.

We all know that besides being a wife, Atoya is also the mother of CBS’s Nate’s three children.

As noted on her website, Atoya Burleson was a collegiate hurdle champion.

More on this power couple, Atoya met Nate firstly in the college at the University of Nevada and that was the beginning of their together journey. For over 10 years, she and Nate have traveled and moved more times for her NFL player husband.

The two of them married in 2003 and have maintained their happy marriage for more than 15 years now.

What Is Atoya Burleson Age?

Atoya Burleson’s age is 43 years old as of 2021.

Likewise, the former female athlete’s date of birth is recorded as the 31st of May, 1978.

We also learned that Atoya is around three years older than her husband Nathaniel, who is 40 at present.

Atoya Burleson Family And Kids Explored

Besides her husband, Atoya Burleson’s immediate family includes her kids Nate Jr., Nehemiah, and Mia.

Moreover, her family also consists of her parent-in-law Al Burleson and Alvin Burleson and a brother-in-law Kevin.

How Much Is Atoya Burleson Worth?

Atoya Burleson’s net worth is estimated at $200k by Biography Mask.

The host has been making quite a good fortune with her engagement in multiple sectors. Furthermore, as noted in the Sun, her husband, a CBS commentator Nate has a net worth accumulation of $12 million.

Where Is Atoya Burleson From?

Atoya Burleson is from the United States.