What Happened To Dillon Passage? Joe Exotic Husband, Age, Teeth & Net Worth

Dillon Passage who is the ex-husband of Tiger King star, Joe Exotic, has moved on after breaking up with Joe. Let us reveal what happened to his teeth and also explore details on his age, net worth, husband, and more.

Dillon Passage is well known for being Joe Exotic’s ex-husband from Tiger King.

Dillon Passage, the actor of Tiger King, claims that his ex-husband Joe Exotic abused him during their three-year marriage.

Dillon used Instagram Live to reveal the ‘facts’ about his relationship with the former zookeeper, claiming that he was subjected to manipulation and emotional abuse.

Joe was nice to me, but there was also a lot of criticism, he admitted. Everything was well while we were in the zoo, although there were a few little irritations.

What Happened To Dillon Passage? Age And Wiki

Dillon Passage is believed to be between the age of 30 and 35 years old.

His true age, however, has yet to be established.

Wikipedia does not appear to have a biography for him. When Dillon began dating Joe, he was 22 years old. He’s from Austin, Texas, according to reports.

He could not ask for a more amazing person to arrive in his life, Joe told The Lost Ogle after their December 2017 wedding.

Long-term marital happiness was not meant to be, however. Dillon was already informing filmmakers Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode at the outset of Tiger King 2 that Joe was in jail that he didn’t want to be recognized as Joe Exotic’s spouse for the rest of his life.

Dillon Passage Net Worth Explored

Dillon Passage’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

However, his exact net worth has not been revealed yet.

He is an animal lover and in his Instagram account, he stated that animals are cooler than people.

Talking about his Instagram, he has over 117 K followers.

Joe Exotic And Dillon Passage Husband Teeth Before And After

Dillon Passage’s ex-husband Joe Exotic talked about his methamphetamines, in Tiger King.

John Finlay, Dillon Passage’s current spouse, was said to have missing teeth. However, he now has a fresh set of teeth.

While most of Tiger King 2 on Netflix centers on Joe Exotic’s legal issues and the lingering mystery surrounding Carole Baskin’s missing second husband, the new season also delves into Joe’s personal life and his connection with Dillon Passage.

Joe was sentenced to 22 years in jail at the end of the first season of Tiger King (for his role in paying someone to kill Baskin, as well as animal rights violations at his GW Zoo), and Passage was caught conversing on the phone with his incarcerated spouse.