AFL: Who Is Josh Ward And How Old Is He? Meet Him On Instagram

18-year-old football Josh Ward is generating buzz for being one of the top recruits of the 2021 AFL drafts.

Josh Ward is one of the top prospects for the 20201 AFL drafts.

Indeed, he boasted about his quickest time in 2km trials and has the elite aerobic ability.

Experts revealed their comments to zero hangers saying that, he had the traits of an emerging future star.

Additionally, he has sharp vision and confidence to win the ball.

AFL: Josh Ward Age And Wikiepdia

Australian football league’s Josh Ward is the midfielder of the Northern Lights. He is a teenager as he was born on the 15th of August 2003.

Additionally, he stands at 181 centimeters and weighs about 78 kilograms.

He spent his lockdown in an eventful way by building up his aerobic engine. He and a good friend of his trained together.

Previously, he couldn’t play in 2020 because of a worrying concussion. The injury was so bad that he got headaches whenever he played with a ball.

After a year and a half of recovery, he got back on the field in 2021. The comeback couldn’t be times any better as he is just in time for the AFL drafts.

Who Are The Parents Of Josh Ward? What Is His Nationality?

Josh Ward is the son of Australian parents. So his nationality is Australian.

As a child, his father inspired him to join the football team. He told the age that his father told him to treat it as a running race.

The midfielder recalls that his father was an athlete himself. But his sports career got cut short when he injured his Achilles at the age of 23.

Keeping jokes aside, his father was good enough to join the Olympics.

Does Josh Ward Have A Girlfriend? Meet Him On Instagram

We are not sure if Josh Ward has a girlfriend. As the footballer lives a hectic life, it seems unlike that he had no time for love.

Indeed, the athlete is focused on his career and prefers to spend his time getting a few extra training hours.

Unfortunately, Ward is not on Instagram. He prefers to remove his personal life from social media and have a bit of privacy.

Josh Ward Net Worth Explored: How Rich Is He?

The net worth of Josh Ward is still under review. We estimate it to be 500,000 to one million dollars.

Ward makes his living by working as a professional footballer. Currently, he is the captain of the NAB League Boys.

Additionally is the midfielder for the Northern lights.