Who Is Elijah Spencer? Fan Arrested For Attacking WWE Star Seth Rollins, Here Is More

Elijah Spencer is arrested after assaulting WWE superstar Seth Rollins on live TV. Who is he? Continue to know more about him.

WWE superstar Seth Rollins was attacked by Elijah Spencer at WWE RAW on Monday, Nov 23, 2021. New York police have taken the attacker into custody.

Rollins was attacked during the match at Barclays Center. He was tackled during the live broadcast while walking back towards the entranceway.

As Rollins reached the top of the ramp, Spencer had roughly tackled him at a full speed. On the ground, the two sparred for a while.

Spectators had captured the incident on cameras. The footage is trending all over various social media platforms. Who is Elijah Spence? Here’s what we know.

Who Is Seth Rollins Attacker Elijah Spencer?

Elijah Spencer also pronounced as Elisah Spencer is a resident of Brooklyn, New York.

He is a wrestling fan who had witnessed the clash between Seth and Finn Balor on Monday Night.

We can clearly see in the footage shared on Twitter, the attacker is wearing red trousers.

As Seth was moving towards the end of the backway, Spencer tries to take him down.

Meanwhile, Rollins had to use a submissive move to control the attacker.

The attacker could not be discovered on any of the social media platforms. More details about him will be updated by the NYPD very soon.

Elijah Spencer Arrested: Details On His Charges

Elijah Spencer has been arrested on November 23, 2021.

He has been charged with attempted assault and violation of arts and cultural affairs. Reports suggest he has had no prior arrests.

It is not clear why Spencer attacked Rollins. After the incident, Seth was taken to WWE medical facility, he has suffered swelling to his lips.

The former WWE Champion is yet to comment on the situation. He did return to the show later on for a battle with Kevin Owens.

As of now, Spencer is detained by the NYPD. He will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The footage of Spencer being escorted from Barclays center was posted on Twitter. It was shared by user @VancityConner.

Elijah Spencer Age: How Old Is He?

Elijah Spencer, the assailant of Seth Rollins, is a 24-year-old guy. He was born in the year 1997 or 1998.

From the footage, Spencer seems to be of mixed ethnicity race. He is shorter and has a more chubby figure than Seth Rollins.