Who Is Ayesha Madon On ‘Heartbreak High Reboot’? Meet Her On Instagram

Ayesha Madon is set to play the role of ‘Amerie’ in the 90s re-imagined show, Heartbreak High Reboot.

Ayesha Madon is an Australian actress, singer as well as a songwriter.

She is now confirmed to play the lead role of ‘Amerie’ in the re-imagined and remade version of the 90s TV show, Heartbreak High.

Madon is involved in the acting industry for at least 2 years now, doing theatres, but Heartbreak High Reboot will be her first major on-screen project.

Alongside acting, Ayesha also yields a massive passion for music and singing. She recently released her single Outside The Party which was well appreciated.

After Netflix revealed the cast of the show recently, the fans of the 90s show will be somewhat concerned about the remade version.

They don’t want their favorite show to be ruined in a newer version.

Amid the speculations, here is everything to know about Ayesha Madon.

How Old Is Ayesha Madon?

Guessing from her appearance, Ayesha Madon’s age seems to be around 20-25 years old.

Regardless, her actual age and birthdate details are unexplored at the moment.

She is a young and vibrant girl who was born and raised in Sydney. Ayesha moved to Melbourne at the age of 17 and is based in the same place at the moment.

Born in a family where her parents were great fans of musical theatres, Madon grew a passion for singing from an early age.

She started learning music and performing ever since she was a kid and even today, she aspires to carry music alongside her acting.

Does Ayesha Madon Have A Wikipedia?

The Heartbreak High reboot cast, Ayesha Madon doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

It is her first big acting project and is a newcomer in the industry.

Although she has performed in theatres and short films before, Madon is yet to make a name for herself.

She does have a short IMDb folio but it might take her some time and regular acting performances to step into the Wikipedia bio page.

Does Ayesha Madon Have A Boyfriend?

The Australian actress, Ayesha Madon doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend at the moment.

She has not shared photos with anyone specific on her Instagram that might resemble her love partner.

Likewise, the online sources also don’t specify the lady being in a romantic relationship.

Hence, it is believed that Madon is single and is not dating anyone in particular.

What Is Ayesha Madon Net Worth?

Ayesha Madon is thought to have a decent net worth value between $50k- $500k.

As she is a newcomer in the entertainment field, it will take some time for the official sources to review her wealth.

Thus, we can only estimate her net worth value based on her possessions and other available information.