Who Is Jade Jordan? Armed Father Daughter Duo – Everything On Her Family And More

Jade Jordan is the daughter of Erick Jordan, who was depicted with an AR-15 alongside her father on the 21st of November, 2021, in Kenosha. Where Is She From?

The team of Jordan’s father-daughter took over the raging protest on Kyle Rittenhouse. The 50 years old Erick appeared with his daughter Jade to provide security to the Kyle Rittenhouse.

They were officially hired for the protection. After Rittenhouse was accused of the murder of two men and the injury of several others, he was found not guilty under his charges.

This led the mass of around 75 people to march the protest against the system. Jade and her father were armed in the site for the protection of the group, he mentioned.

Who Is Jade Jordan? Armed Father-Daughter Duo

Jade Jordan is one of the two children of Erick Jordan. She is similar to her father, both in characteristics and appearance. The two of them were seen ahead of the mass of the protesters with armed weapons in each of their hands.

The brave daughter, Jade, was there to support her father as well as protect the protesters.

Jade Jordan Age

Jade Jordan is 16 years old. She was born in the year 2005. It might seem quite unusual to see an AR-15 on the hands of a girl of such a young age. But note down the fact that she was trained to use the firearms from 4 years of age.

Erick Jordan, her father, also mentioned that the child was not allowed to use one until she was 14. The teenager in her sweet 16 is a real girl with courage who is in the field of her work rather than anywhere else.

Jade Jordan Wiki And Family

Jade Jordan is the elder child in the Jordan family.

She has a younger sibling who is nine years old. His name is Daemeon.

Both the siblings are guided by their father to handle guns and do the patrolling from an early age.

She adores her little brother. On the other hand, she goes to her salsa dance classes with her friends.

Jade Jordan On Instagram

Jade Jordan is not found on any social media handles, including Instagram, except her Facebook account. But she is the major highlight after her appearance in the mass protection of protestors.

She is used to giving hands to her father in his security job. On the night of Kyle’s gunshot, both of them were protecting some other restaurant and parking lot from the suspected robbery.