Who Is Curtis Jackson? Nancy Mace Husband – Everything To Know

Curtis Jackson is mainly known as the husband of American businesswoman Nancy Mace. Learn everything about him.

Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina is currently in the headlines following an interview with Fox News. She slammed Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-description Cortez’s of the 6 January Capitol siege.

Following Ocasio-disclosure Cortez’s terrible experience, Mace claimed that she “lost it” and “doesn’t deal in reality.”

Mace’s remarks are part of an enormous Republican backlash that discredited AOC’s narrative of what happened on the day of the Capitol disturbance.

Who Is Curtis Jackson? Nancy Mace Husband

Nancy Mace married IT officer Curtis Jackson in 2004; however, the couple divorced quietly and amicably in 2019.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Curtis Mace, Nancy Mace’s ex-husband, works as a Chief Technology Officer at Obie. Jackson Technologies, a software consulting firm, is another business he owns.

Nancy and Curtis have two children, Miles and Ellison, with whom she occasionally posts images on social media.

Nancy has decreased her children’s activity on social media as her political career has progressed, claiming that she wishes to insulate them from the world of politics.

Curtis Jackson Age & Wikipedia

Curtis Jackson’s age could be in the 40s, based on his appearance. Regrettably, the precise day of his birthday is yet unknown, but it will be revealed soon.

Curtis Jackson, Nancy Mace’s ex-husband, is the Chief Technology Officer at Obie, a “tech-enabled insurance and risk management platform for real estate investors,” according to his Linkedin profile. Since September 2020, he has been employed with Obie.

Jackson Technologies, Mr. Jackson’s company, was founded by him, which offers consulting services and customized software application development to businesses in various industries and business activities.

Curtis Jackson Net Worth Revealed

As Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Jackson receives respectable compensation. He formerly served as a Director of Engineering, Global Services at Benefitfocus, and as Chief Technology Officer at Export Tax Management.

Mr. Jackson also worked as an application development lead for Coca-Cola. Nancy Mace’s ex-husband Curtis Jackson’s net worth is unknown as of 2021. His overall earnings, however, are likely to be more than $100,000.