Obituary: William Eisen Death – How Did Paul Stanley Father/Dad Die?

The unexpected death of Paul Stanley’s father, William Eisen, has shocked everyone. In April, he celebrated his father’s 101st birthday. Learn more about it.

Paul Stanley is an American musician who is the co-founder, leader, rhythm guitarist, and co-lead vocalist of KISS.

People are heartbroken after hearing the news of Paul Stanley’s father’s death. Through social media, his admirers are showering him with love and immense support.

Stanley only announced his father’s death two hours ago, and the cause of death and other details have yet to be published.

Obituary: William Eisen Death Has Shocked The Internet

William Eisen, Father of Paul Stanley, died today after 101 years of age.

Stanley announced the news of his father’s death on his Twitter account, which says, “After 101 years and seven months on this planet, my father, William Eisen, has passed away. His thirst for knowledge remained unquenchable.

He could speak on almost any topic. It warmed my heart to see his pleasure in my successes, as well as his affection for my family. He promised he’d always be there for me, and he is.”

He was so much closer to his father. William was the only parent he had left after his mother died in 2012 at 88.

On Twitter, his followers and supporters are expressing their condolences to him and his family. His admirers are heartbroken by the death of his father.

How Did Paul Stanley Father/Dad Die?

After the news of the death of Paul Stanley’s father, people are anxious to know the cause behind his death.

We couldn’t uncover any other reports outside Stanley’s announcement that suggested the cause of his father’s death. He has gotten old, which could be the reason or something else yet to be revealed.

His father, who comes from a line of Russian, Hungarian, and Polish immigrants, was a great supporter and admirer of his son.

He frequently posts on his Twitter account about his father. On the occasion of the 100th birthday of his father, Stanley has uploaded a picture praising his father.

Paul admired his father’s genes and expressed his hope that he would inherit them. Paul demonstrated his admiration for his father in this manner, demonstrating that he is a person who prioritizes his family.

Even at such old age, he was young and vibrant. 98 years old William Eisen was at a KISS concert in Los Angles in 2019, where the father and son duo had lots of fun.

Stanley even posted on Twitter saying, “MY FATHER! At A KISS Concert, The Oldest And Coolest Man Ever Saturday Night.”

As soon as we receive truthful data, we will inform you of the reason for his father’s death.