Henny Qadeer Khan: Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Wife and Family Pictures

Henny Qadeer Khan, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Wife and Family Pictures

Henny Qadeer Khan and all their family mourns the death of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan as he passed away at the age of 85. Learn more about Abdul’s wife and children below. 

Henny Qadeer Khan is famously known for being the wife of Abdul Qadeer Khan.

He was a Pakistani nuclear physicist and metallurgical engineer who is known as the “father of Pakistan’s atomic weapons program”.

Sadly, on October 10, 2021, Abdul passed away in Islamabad after being transferred to KRL Hospital with a lung problem.

Abdul was brought to the hospital after he faced difficulty in breathing. According to doctors, Khan’s health declined after bleeding in his lungs.

He could not survive after his lungs collapsed. Although the doctors said that all efforts were made to save his life. Unfortunately, the doctors were not able to save his life, and sorrowfully he passed away.

Who Is Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Wife Henny Qadeer Khan?

Henny Qadeer Khan is the wife of Abdul Qadeer Khan. She is a very caring and lovely wife of her husband. She has managed to stay out of the public limelight so information about her is limited on the internet.

Henny and Abdul were married in the year 1964 and from that time they both had an amazing love life. They were been together for 57 years. But, Abdul left her wife alone.

Henny kept her life lowkey and managed to stay out of the public attention. She is a very caring and supportive wife who always encourages her husband to make good decisions and stays as a backbone to build his confidence.

Family Pictures Of Henny Qadeer Khan and Children Explored

Henny Qadeer Khan is not very active on social media but the pictures of her family are available on various sites on the internet.

Such photos are available on one of the websites called, where Henny and her whole family have posed as a whole group.

Similarly, the couple has two children together. they are both daughters and their names are Dina Khan and Ayesha Khan.

Back in 2016, Dr AQ Khan’s wife and their two daughters Dina Khan and Ayesha Khan were all listed as the owners of Wahdat Ltd, a company registered in the Bahamas.

Currently, all Khan family has been mourning the loss as they lost their father and husband.

Henny Qadeer Khan Age, Nationality and Ethnicity

Henny Qadeer Khan seems to be 65-70 years old as she has not revealed her exact age to the public.

Moreover, she seems to be from the Islamic Ethnicity, since her caste Khan represents the Islam religion. Also, her nationality is certainly Pakistani as her husband Abdul was a renowned official of Pakistan and they were born and lived there as well.

As their personal information is limited on the internet. So, there is no information about her nationality and ethnicity.