Darryl Summer Wife Julie da Costa – Do They Have Children?

Darryl Summer Wife Julie da Costa – Do They Have Children?

Curious to know about the family of Australian television personality and musician Darryl Summer aka, Daryl Somers? If yes, stay tuned as we uncover everything there is to know about his wife Julie da Costa and his children.

Darryl Summer AKA Daryl Somers recalls the startling moment when the appeal of Hey Hey It’s Saturday was finally realized by American network executives.

His show was a must-see Television program for generations of Aussies. The whole country always looked forward to watching Daryl Somers and his co-host Ossie Ostrich.

Following that, when American officials questioned him about the success of his show, he responded by saying that the show’s popularity stems from the fact that it is unscripted.

Who Is Darryl Summer Wife Julie da Costa?

Julie Da Costa is the wife of Daryl Summer, a well-known Australian Television star and musician.

Moreover, She is a principal dancer, supervisor, and honorary life member of the Australian Ballet. Similarly, Julie da Costa is of Australian nationality, but she is said to be of ethnic background.

Julie has appeared on several occasions with her partner. She performed in The Nutcracker, a production of the Australian Ballet School, at Melbourne’s Myer Music Bowl.

Do Darryl Summer And Julie De Costa Have Children?

Darryl Summer and Julie De Costa currently live with their children in New South Wales, Australia.

They have three kids: two daughters and a son. Their biological son is their only child, while the two other girls were adopted.

However, neither of them has revealed any information about themselves. They appear to want to keep their children’s lives out of the limelight.

Darryl Summer Family Details

Darryl Summer, aka Daryl Somers, grew up with his family in Prahran, a Melbourne suburb in Victoria, Australia.

Darryl Summer’s family surname was originally Schulz, but it is said that in the 1970s, his parents and siblings changed it to Somers.

Summer and his brothers attended Christian Brothers College, a private Catholic secondary school for boys and girls in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Darryl used to be a drummer in his younger days. He’d joined a band that played music in the style of Herb Alpert and had been there for quite some time.

Darryl Summer Net Worth Details

Darryl Summer has a net worth of $12 million, according to idolnetworth.

Darryl Somers, also known as Darryl Summer among his fans, is an award-winning television host who has been in the industry for over fifty years.

As a consequence, it is clear that he and his family have amassed considerable wealth through their endeavors over the years.