Jacinta Hunt Age, Wikipedia, Mother and Daughter – Where Is She Now?

Update: Who Is Jacinta Hunt And Where Is She Now? Details About The Recovering Drug Addict

Jacinta Hunt along with Jessica Earnshaw won the Tribeca Film Festival award for their documentary, Jacinta. Let’s find everything about Jacinta Hunt and her biography.

Jessica Earnshaw’s documentary Jacinta is based on the real story of Jacinta Hunt. Jacinta was in the addiction to drugs and she struggled a lot to come back home after getting into prison many times.

Jacinta herself was found in trauma when she has broken up with her mother and daughter during imprisonment. She got healed from trauma after she healed the broken relationships with her mother and daughter.

For now, she is in the headlines of every entertainment media after her documentary was filmed by Jessica Earnshaw.

Update 2021: Who Is Jacinta Hunt And Where Is She Now?

Jacinta Hunt is a 26 years old young mother who finds difficulty returning to the outside world after spending time in prison.

Currently, she is outside of the prison and trying to live a normal life. After her real-life story was documented by Jessica Earnshaw, audiences find it an interesting story and felt pity for her difficult life.

According to The Wall Street Journal, not one she but also her mother was imprisoned for 3 years. The main reason for her imprisonment is her addiction to drugs.

She let cameras follow her infiltrated battle with drug addiction.

Jacinta Hunt Mother Rosemary And Daughter Kaylynn Details

Jacinta Hunt had broken up with her mother, Rosemary, and daughter, Kaylynn after she was in jail for drug addiction.

As recorded on Yahoo! News, the ABC News documentary will be available on Hulu, which follows her journey to healing the broken relationship with her dear ones.

Her mother, Rosemary is an inmate who has three years left to serve in prison. Jacinta’s family was incarcerated for the same activities, following the same path to prison.

Jacinta has 10 years old daughter with whom she wanted to hide her story because she did not want to disappoint her. Now she literally wants to forsake drugs for a healthy life and family.

Jacinta Hunt Age And Wikipedia Explored

Jacinta Hunt is at the age of 26 and is yet to be explored on Wikipedia.

The 26 years old young mother has the motivation to maintain her sobriety even after she was poisoned for drug addiction.

Jessica Earnshaw is exploring the roots of the generational Trauma of Jacinta in her documentary project Jacinta. She has a great bonding with her mother and daughter.

In the recent interviews, she explained her journey from drug addiction- prison- now. She genuinely wants to forbid drugs from her life for a healthy relationship with her daughter and mother.

Jacinta Hunt Documentary Explored: What Happened To Her?

Jacinta Hunt Documentary focuses on the struggle of a young mother after she came out of prison.

The documentary was filmed by  Jessica Earnshaw, a producer, director, and cinematographer. She went deep, rather than wide, on the subject of addiction, crime, and imprisonment as a family legacy.

The director captures the rare and raw moments between Jacinta and Rosemary. Both mother and daughter are prisoned for drug addiction.

The documentary explained all her journey from drug addiction to her current life.