Kyla Kirkpatrick Husband Kyri Christodoulou Age, Wiki and Instagram

Who Is Kyla Kirkpatrick Husband? Everything To Know About Kyri Christodoulou

Kyla Kirkpatrick and her husband Kyri Christodoulou own a Tourism and Wine Industry. Find in detail about them here.

Kyri Christodoulou and Kyla Kirkpatrick are both business personal. Both of them are the owner of their own company and handle the business. Kyri manages the everyday operation and Kyla is the face of both brands.

Kyla has built her career on her own and is a self-made businesswoman, she has built herself up as a savant of all things champagne. She has started as an anchor concentrating in Champagne.

Keeping the competition of champaign sales, the couple has launched their another business, Emperor. This is the largest allocated online distributor for champagne in Australia.

Who Is Kyla Kirkpatrick Husband Kyri Christodoulou?

Kyla Kirkpatrick’s husband Kyri Christodoulou is her business partner in both of her businesses.

The couple is a well-known businessperson in the Tourism and Wine industry. The knowledge and love for wine have brought them together and they have started their business that interlink their lives and passions together.

Also, Kyla is the reality show star who will make her debut in the upcoming fifth season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Initially, Kyla was running the business on her own but later handed it over to her fiance Kyri as he has skills as a winemaker by trade. Also, Kyri said three years ago he was working every day for someone else creating wealth for him.

Both of them have different roles in the industry as Kyla is the face of both brands and Kyri manages the everyday work.

Kyri Christodoulou Age: How Old Is He?

Currently, there is no actual information on Kyri Christodoulou’s age, however, he seems to be around 35-40 years of age group.

He is yet to reveal his birth details and birthday. Talking about their personal life they seem to keep a space from media and don’t disclose much about themselves and each other.

There is no data on what is the actual age of Kyla and her birthday too. However, being Australian business personal they both possess Australian nationality.

Their ethnicity, height, weight, body measurement, and other personal data are missing from the web.

Kyri Christodoulou Wikipedia

Kyri Christodoulou doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page, neither does his wife, Kyla has.

But, both of their surfaced data have been covered by several media and online articles. They are a well-known name in the champaign market and industry. Their product has been getting praise and love from most people.

Kyla, a self-made businesswoman is the CEO of Emperor champagne as she is also the face of the product. Whereas, her husband is the Kyri is the managing director of their everyday operations.

Regardless of that, both of them have experience in the field of champaign and have passion for it.

Meet Kyri Christodoulou On Instagram

Kyri Christodoulou is dynamic on Instagram under the username @champagne_gent.

He has a total of more than 1.4k adherents to date, October 2021. And, most of the time he is seen uploading photos of their champaign product and with his family members, children, and beautiful wife.

Also, he loves to travel along with his wife & child. Not more, they are pet lovers and own a dog. He loves to have different food products with his campaign and also organizes parties for their friends.