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How Old Is Kelly Campbell Hulu? Salary, Net Worth, Wikipedia and Bio

Where Is Kelly Campbell Hulu Going? Wikipedia, Bio and Net Worth 2021

Kelly Campbell, the president of Hulu has probably millions of net worth. Let’s explore everything about the president of Hulu and where she is going now in the article below.

The president of the Disney-operated streaming service Hulu, Kelly Cambell is currently making headlines in all newspapers for her resignation from the streaming service.

Kelly Campbell was the president for the last four years and is currently leaving Hulu after her four years of work experience.

The president was elected for her post, in February 2020. Before, she was the Chief Market Analyst for over three years.

How Old Is Kelly Campbell Hulu? Her Age Details

Kelly Campbell, the president is 42 years old as recorded on social media.

The president lives in Manhattan Beach, California along with her husband and two children.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Campbell enrolled in Hulu in 2017 after working at Google for 12 years.  She was promoted to president based on her extraordinary performance.

She probably has been started her career at a very young age. Otherwise, at this age, it is difficult to achieve such high worthy achievements.

How Much Is Kelly Campbell Salary? Her Net Worth

Being the president of a Disney-operated streaming service, Kelly Campbell’s salary probably is between $2million to $5 million.

Though her actual net worth is still unknown. Her net worth is not disclosed by any official sites with full trustable.

As recorded in AAE Speakers, the president was the Chief Marketing Officer of Hulu where she served by analyzing the whole market across the SVOD and Live TV business. Her vision and voice behind the Hulu brand are some of the reasons for Hulu’s success.

Before joining Hulu, she worked as Managing Director of Global Growth Marketing for Google Cloud. Further, she was the president of  Disney-operated streaming service Hulu.

Her earning and net worth will be more or fewer millions of dollars.

Kelly Campbell Hulu Wikipedia Bio – Where Is She Going?

The official page of Wikipedia has not mentioned Kelly Campbell on its site.

The presence of Hulu company is recently on headline for her resignation from her company. Adweek has confirmed her resignation from the company.

Puck News founding partner, Mattew Belloni was the first who reports Kelley’s exit. After her resignation, her bio has been deleted from Hulu’s press sites.

Regarding her education, she has an MBA degree from Havard Business School. Before that, she had a bachelor of science from Vanderbilt University.

Kelly Campbell Husband, Boyfriend Or Partner

Kelly Campbell was married to her husband Bill Kotzman as a life partner.

Her husband and Kelly reside in Manhattan Beach, California along with her husband and two children. The president has got a small and sweet family.

Her husband is her greater supporter and always with her. She can maintain her family as she does to manage the company.

The president had played a lead role from leading a well-known company to her own family. According to her LinkedIn account, she has decided to move on from Hulu.