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Blue Origin: Who is Chris Boshuizen? Net Worth, Age and Wikipedia

Who is Chris Boshuizen? Here Is What We Know About The Details Of The Blue Origin Passenger

Chris Boshuizen is a co-founder of Planet Labs and partner at DCVC. Learn About Blue Origin: Who is Chris Boshuizen? Net Worth, Age and Wikipedia.

Chris Boshuizen is a scientist/engineer and a musician. He is an astronaut who will be flying to space with Blue Origin.

Moreover, he is a partner of the DCVC company and co-founder of Planet Labs. Chris also has PhD in Physics and BSc. in Physics and Mathematics.

Who Is Chris Boshuizen On Blue Origin?

Chris Boshuizen is an Australian space pioneer who will occupy one of four seats on Blue Origin’s next trip on the 12th of October.

Blue Origin is an American privately-funded aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company founded by Jeff Bezos.

Dr Chris is the third Australian to fly to space when he boards an upcoming Blue Origin New Shepard flight with three other passengers. 

Apart from space, he is also into music. He loves and gets energized by the music. Boshuizen has a youtube channel where he uploads his music.

Chris Boshuizen Net Worth

Chris Boshuizen’s net worth is around $14 million as per some sources on the internet.

However, the scientist has not shed light on his earnings and net worth. As a co-founder and CTO of the Planet Lab, he must have earned and saved a decent amount of money.

Also, he has a good amount of work experience and is one of the 3rd Australians to fly space. So, he might get well paid and earn a decent amount of money.

Chris Boshuizen Wikipedia

Chris Boshuizen is yet to feature on the official page of Wikipedia.

Chris, a scientist/engineer, is a partner of Planet Labs, a DCVC company providing unprecedented daily, global mapping of our changing planet from space.

He worked as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Planet Labs for 5 years. Before that, he was a Space Mission Architect at NASA Ames Research Center.

Later he co-created Phonesat, a spacecraft built solely out of a regular smartphone, and also established Singularity University, a school for studying the consequences of accelerating technological development.

Chris Boshuizen Age: How Old Is He?

Chris Boshuizen’s age is missing on the internet; however, he seems to be around 30-38 years old.

The scientist has PhD in Physics (with honors) and BSc. in Physics and Mathematics. He received both of the degrees from the University of Sydney.

His love for space was nurtured by his parents. When he was 7, they drove to the Parkes Radio Telescope, with a diameter of 64 meters, which got him interested in space.

Moreover, Chris is also a musician and makes music. He has a separate Twitter account, DR CHRISPY, where he promotes his music and makes casual posts.