Who Is Brittiny Lopez-Murray? Hialeah Teacher Arrested for Sexual Abuse

Hialeah teacher, Brittiny Lopez-Murray has been arrested for sexual abuse to a teen student. Continue reading to find out everything you want to know about the case.

Brittiny Lopez-Murray is known to be the teacher of the Hialeah middle school for four years.

She was even awarded the Hialeah Middle’s “rookie teacher of the year” in the year 2017. She is now making headlines for her sexual abuse with a former student.

Who Is Brittiny Lopez-Murray?

Brittiny’s identity only comes from her profession as one of the teachers of Hialeah middle school.

Although we are unknown about when she joined the school, she was awarded the school’s internal award of Rookie of the year in 2017.

Little did the school’s management knew that she had an affair with a 14 years old student of the school. She is accused of sexually abusing the kid.

Her age has been revealed to be 31 years old as reported by the police. She has brought shame to the middle school.

She had a clean record of disciplinary history in the school for the past years but she turned out to be a part of the most undisciplined act in the school’s history.

Hialeah Teacher Brittiny Lopez-Murray Arrested For Sexual Abuse 

The teacher from the Hialeah middle school has been arrested by the police.

It stands obvious that her charges are sexual abuse to the teenage boy. It was reported that the teacher sexually abused the boy in her car several times during two months.

Brittiny Lopez was jailed in the Miami-Dade jail on Monday for lewd and lascivious battery, molestation, and engaging in a sexual act with a child.

Her defense attorney is trying their best to keep her out of the prison and asked not to rush to judgment.

However, according to the police report, the teacher used to send sexual texts and images to her student on his phones and had a dirty conversation.

It was the boy’s sister who found the text on his phone and informed her parents about it. Then his father filed a case against the teacher.

About Brittiny Lopez-Murray Family

No details about Lopez’s family are available at the moment.

The defense attorney of Brittiny has requested to maintain their privacy from the public and the media until the result of the case is announced.

On the other hand, the boy’s family was extremely furious by the teacher’s doings and shifted their son to another school.

So, for the time being, the information about both sides of the family’s identity has not been revealed.