NFL: Henry Anderson Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife: Is He Married?

Is Henry Anderson Married? Get to Know About the Wife and Family of the NFL Player

Henry Anderson is soon going to be a father with his wife, Saryn at the age of 30 years old. Find more about the athlete and his injury below

Henry Anderson is an American football player for the New England Patriots. He plays in the defensive end.

During the last match with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they lost the match with a 17-19 final score. Many say the reason for their loss was the lack of their defensive end.

Anderson got injured in the chest in the first quarter and was quickly ruled out of the game. He will still be off the fields until his MRI report arrives.

NFL Henry Anderson Wife: Is He Married?

Henry Anderson, the NFL player has a fiancee, Saryn Rorie. Soon, she will be his wife.

Saryn is already pregnant with Henry’s child shortly after they got engaged in July. Saryn is 34 weeks pregnant now as she shares the picture on her Twitter.

Saryn, the future wife also made a public distress comment after Cordarrelle Patterson appeared to be grabbing the groin area of Anderson. She tweeted saying that Henry is her’s and that it was not cool.

The couple shares quite an open relationship on social media.

Henry Anderson Net Worth

Henry Anderson, the millionaire athlete is worth a net amount of $7 million.

He signed a 7-year contract with the Patriots to be paid in two years. Anderson earned a net salary of $3,305,882 in the year 2021.

Before playing in the NFL, he played NCAA football at Stanford University.

Although much of his net worth came from his time in the New York Jets. He played in the team for three years which earned him a net worth of luxurious amount. He also played in Indianapolis Colts for two years.

Anderson also pulls his net worth from endorsement deals.

Henry Anderson Parents and Family Details

Henry Anderson was born to his parents Eric Anderson and Ellen Anderson.

He is the only child of his proud parents. His family was supportive from the very early times Anderson showed being a promising football player. Thankfully, his parents allowed his talent and strength to be groomed properly.

His parents still attend almost all the games they can attend of their sons. Soon Anderson will have a family of his own and will get to be a parent as well.

With all the wishes, hopefully, he will be back on the field as soon as possible.