Who is Ninja Mommy Instagram? Ninja Mommy Face Reveal & Real Name

Ninja Mommy is a popular name on Tik Tok and Youtube, however, she has yet to show her face. Not only there, the lady is also active on her Instagram.

Had She Revealed Her Face?

As of now, Ninja Mommy hasn’t revealed her face on the media platform.

On her Tik Tok account, she did mention that she will remove her Hijab from her face. But she only removed the outer mask she was wearing and walked off from the video she uploaded.

Well, the lady belongs to a Muslim family obeying her strict traditions, so we can assume she might never show her face in front of the audience.

Ninja Mommy Real Name

Her real name is Sidra Ashraf.

Many people who are following her or just have started liking her videos on YouTube might not know her birth name. Because she had put Mommy on her both Tik Tok and YouTube accounts.

It cannot be denied that she is recognized with her stage name more.

Her Age: How old is the Tik Toker? Wiki Bio

Ninja Mommy is 30 years of age.

She was born on May 14, 1991. As per her birth date, she follows the Taurus zodiac sign. Her homeland is Pakistan. As per her bio on Instagram, she has included the information of more than 1 million subscribers combining her Tik Tok and YouTube.

Except for that, there are no details regarding Ninja Mommy on Wiki.

The lady had joined social media in the last year. Her fans are gradually increasing. Apart from the videos, she is recognized for her Abaya fashion.

Explore on her Instagram

In a short span of time, Ninja Mommy had gained followers of 46.6k on her Instagram.

She is with the name ninja.mommy on the platform.

She is very active on the platform. Ninja Mommy had posted altogether 90 posts as per the current date. Moreover, she had sectioned her picture as collaborations, features, food, Niqab, quotes, and Hijabs.

Who is Ninja Mommy Partner?

She is a married woman. Ninja Mommy’s partner’s name is Samirp Patel.

Together, the couple has a daughter named Samarah. She is often spotted posting pictures of her child spending quality time together and celebrating her birthdays.

Moreover, she had announced in her YouTube video that her hubby had officially tied the knot without even seeing her face. Therefore, she denotes it as love at first sight. We have to be updated on her videos for some more secrets from her personal life.