Tamara Dhia

Tamara Dhia is an actress and TV host currently based in the United States. She first made her way into Hollywood through commercials and her works as an actress as well as a producer. Slowly discovering her passion, she became a TV host. 

Tamara has had a lot of success with the things she’s tried. She is not only a TV host but is also a quite successful YouTuber. She has been able to interview many famous singers and personalities such as Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, and more. 

Quick Facts: Tamara Dhia

Name Tamara Dhia
Birthday November 22, 1992
Age 27
Gender Female
Nationality Iraqi
Profession Actress, TV Host
Education American University
Instagram tamaradhia
Twitter tamaradhia
Youtube Tamara Dhia
Facebook tamaradhia


10 Facts on Tamara Dhia

  1. Tamara Dhia was born on the 22nd of November 1992, in Baghdad, Iraq. She is currently 27 years of age. 
  2. She works as a host on Complex, E! News, NTWRK, as well as TRL. 
  3. Her debut as an actress was in the short video “Superdude & Friend” and she has worked in films and series such as The Coasters, Cellular, The Party Is Over, and The Audition Room, to mention a few. 
  4. Tamara Dhia’s Instagram account is “tamaradhia” and she has 58K followers currently. She has also shared more than 800 posts so far.
  5. As a famous internet personality, she has had partnerships with big brands such as Jordan, Nike, Finish Line, and T-Mobile, amongst many. 
  6. Her YouTube account “Tamara Dhia” was started in May 2009 and currently has 4.5K subscribers. She mainly posts video’s about her work and interests on this channel. 
  7. She has worked as a writer and producer for the TV series “The Coasters” and the short video “Shit White Girls Say… To Arab Girls”. 
  8. She has also worked as the director of an episode of The Coasters. This episode aired in 2013 and was titled “Bra-Mance”.
  9. Tamara Dhia has not mentioned a boyfriend on any of her social media. We can only assume that she is currently single. 
  10. She also has an official website where she has uploaded her bio, acting reel, and more. You can also contact her through this site.