Graeme Watkins

Graeme Watkins is a born and bred Capetonian. He is the youngest of three children and because his two older siblings were much older than him, he grew up keeping himself company and very quickly developed a vivid imagination for tales and stories. Graeme was a slow learner and at a young age discovered that he had dyslexia and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – Graeme explains that his journey to the stage began with detention periods at school.

“My English teacher had had enough of me
disrupting the class and as punishment I had to work behind the scenes
at a variety concert. That’s when I realised drama could be an outlet
for my energy.”

Graeme Watkins is an extremely funny and fluent speaker and has participated in many corporate functions, both as entertainer and host or MC. Most of his work in the last year was at Stardust Restaurant and for Think Theatre Productions of which he is a co-founder.