Murdercrumpet Real Face, IRL, Gender – Is Murdercrumpet Boy Or Girl?

MurderCrumpet is a Twitch star who roleplays on the platform. He has not revealed his identity and hides his face while streaming. MurderCrumpet likes to keep his identity completely anonymous to his viewers and he is currently based in Colorado, USA.

MurderCrumpet uploads Twitch highlights on his Youtube account. He has hardly revealed any details about his personal life as he is very secretive. MurderCrumpet doesn’t have a schedule for his streams but he does update about it on his Twitter account.

Quick Facts: Murdercrumpet Real Face, IRL, Gender – Is Murdercrumpet Boy Or Girl?

Name Murdercrumpet
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Streamer
Twitter @MurderCrumpet
Youtube Murder Crumpet

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About MurderCrumpet 

  1. Is MurderCrumpet Boy Or Girl? His gender is male and he roleplays on Twitch. He portrays many characters in VRChat and crash tests dummy robots.
  2. How old is MurderCrumpet? The real age and date of birth of Murdercrumpet have not been revealed yet, but he might be in his mid-20s.
  3. The real name of MurderCrumpet has not been revealed yet as he keeps his identity hidden. His nickname is Crumpet.
  4. So far Murdercrumpet has kept his identity hidden and managed to hide his real face. In December 2019, he revealed his face in VRCHat Archive’s video. 
  5. MurderCrumpet has 31.3k followers on his Twitch account. His Twitch bio says he is a gay secretary for Mr. Rob “Robert” Mald Licky. MurderCrumpet created the Twitch account on November 22, 2018.
  6. He joined Twitter in June 2019. MurderCrumpet has 4.9k followers on the social media platform. MurderCrumpet’s Twitter bio says he loves sugar and it’s a problem.
  7. The Twitch star stated that he is gay according to his Twitch bio. However, there is no evidence to support the fact.
  8. MurderCrumpet also has a Youtube channel with over 169.4k total views. He has been part of few IRL videos on Twitch and YouTube.
  9. He is part of the Gator RP group, a gamer collective and they hang out every day.
  10. MurderCrumpet is known for talking in soft tones and being very friendly. He revealed that it is his talent to sound innocent even when he is being rude.