Why Is Nate Silvester Fired? Everything To Know About

Idaho officer Nate Silvester made a video mocking a basketball player, LeBron James, which went viral. As a result, he was fired for violating city and state policies.

Nate Silvester is a Deputy Marshal of Idaho. He is also a certified nutrition consultant at Impact Athletic. Further, he is a fitness coach.

Silvester was somewhat active on TikTok.

But recently, he gained quite fame after the video of him calling LeBron amassed 6M views.

Is Nate Silvester Fired?

American cop Nate Silvester was fired for violations of state policies.

He made a TikTok video by mocking the player, LeBron James.

In the video, he acts like he is phoning the player, and he explains that a black man is stabbing another black man. 

After Le’s reply on the phone, Silvester describes LeBron having no problem if a black kills black.

However, he can not tolerate a white cop killing a black man for his safety or to save another white man’s life.

The video was uploaded on 24 April 2021. However, it took a while to circulate on social media and gradually went viral in a month.

Nate Silvester Age: How Old Is He?

Nate Silvester seems to be in the age group of 35-45 years old.

The actual birthday details of the cop is still not revealed.

But he is a native of Idaho and has American nationality.

Nate Silvester Wife: Is He Married?

Nate Silvester is married to his gorgeous wife.

As per his Instagram bio, he is a proud father. He shares a daughter named Halle with her partner.

Also, he has a loving mother, Theresa.

Nate Silvester GoFundMe

After all the chaos and termination, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched for Nate Silvester. 

The organizer is Gannon Ward from Sandy City.

He has mentioned that Nate is the sole beneficiary of all the donations.