Who Is Broxh From Twitch? Everything To Know About

Broxh is one of the latest Twitch phenomena with an extraordinary story behind the scenes.

Quick Facts: Who Is Broxh From Twitch? Everything To Know About

Name Broxh
Gender Male
Nationality New Zealand
Profession Streamer, Wood Carver
Instagram @broxh_
Twitter @Broxh_

Broxh who is yet to reveal his real name is a gaming sensation. You can call him a true hustler. As he began his channel with 0 followers and streamed for quite a few months with just 5 viewers.

Many people would probably lose if they were in his situation. However, he kept on going and streaming regularly for those 5 viewers.

As time passed, he got a chance to be represented by Twitch Australia. Without any delay, he grabbed the opportunity. And, his videos on the platform went viral. 

Likewise, his subscribers and fan followers kept going uphill. And, he is now a Twitch influencer.

10 Facts On Broxh

  1. Broxh is a rising and overnight viral Twitch streamer. He is a new gaming influencer trying to leave his mark.
  2. He hasn’t disclosed any of his bio details. Maybe, he hasn’t yet been approached to disclose his age and date of birth.
  3. Broxh from Twitch believes in keeping his personal and professional life separate. Thus, he never mentions his married/love life. Probably, he doesn’t have a girlfriend.
  4. Do you know that Broxh is also a woodcarver? In fact, he is a skilled and very creative woodcarver. You can see his works and designs on his social media accounts.
  5. He is also recognized as one of Twitch’s crafters. Because he started with 0 followers and gained fans gradually.
  6. The gamer has been represented on Twitch Australia as well.
  7. As of 2020, he gathers more than 1.3 million followers on Twitch. 
  8. Broxh, today’s game influencer, plays World of Warcraft on Twitch. With his gameplay, he impressed millions of people.
  9. He is originally from New Zealand. 
  10. Follow him on Instagram to view his pictures and videos.