Grant Amato Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Family Killer

Family Killer Grant Amato’s Wikipedia is not in existence, though he is well-known for committing a wicked and detestable act.

Grant Amato killed his family and stole $200000. 

The school dropout and unemployed person became the talk of the town after making such a brutal move.

Let’s find out more.

Grant Amato Wikipedia And Age

Grant Amato has no Wikipedia dedicated to him for now.

But, his heinous crime commitment did feature him on several websites.

In 2019, when Grant Amato was 29 years old, he was convicted of murdering his family, Chad, Margaret, and Cody, by shooting them with a gun. 

Family Killer Grant Amato Reddit Story

It started with Grant Amato’s obsession with the girl named Silvie, whom he met on a live-streaming pornographic website called Cam Girls. 

As per the post on Reddit, Grant was heading to be a nurse like his brothers. But, stealing a drug called Propofol led him to be kicked out of nursing school.

The Orlando native adult, who lost his job and was kicked out of school, lived at home.

He spent his time surfing on the computer and the internet.

He found a Bulgarian model on whom he spent $200,000, which he stole from his parents and brother.

Because of his inappropriate wasting of money, his parents, Chad and Margaret, tried to contact the model Silvie to tell her that Grant is financially unstable.

His parents also suggested Grant goes to a rehabilitation center to get rid of his obsession with pornographic sites.

But, when Grant came to found out about it, nothing but discord passed through his heart as he thought his parents wanted to keep him and Silvie apart.

He designed the scene in such a way that it appeared his brother Cody killed his parents.

After the prosecutors investigated the matters, it was found that he was the murderer. 

Who Is Grant Amato Brother?

Grant Amto has two older brothers named Cody and Jason.

Though Cody died, there is no mention of the death of Jason, which means Grant’s eldest brother is still alive.

Where Is Grant Amato Now?

Grant Amato is serving in jail now for committing such an immoral act. 

After proven to be guilty of three counts of first-degree murder, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.