Sami Khedira Wife & Girlfriend: Who Is The German Footballer Dating In 2021?

Ex-Real Madrid player Sami Khedira does have a wife who is also an athlete, as per some online outlets. Let’s learn about his wife and girlfriends.

Sami Khedira is a national footballer representing German.

After his 15 years of engagement in professional football, Sami is retiring after playing for Hertha Berlin in their final game of the season.

He will officially retire on Saturday at around 5:15 pm. 

Is Sami Khedira Dating Lena Gercke Or Adriana Lima?

Sami Khedira (34) is neither dating Lena Gercke nor Adriana Lima in 2021.

Though he did date these two stunningly gorgeous models in the past, he is not romantically involved with either of them currently. 

He started going out with his ex-girlfriend(freundin) Lena Gercke, Germany’s Next Topmodel season 1 winner, in 2011.

After more familiarity, the lovebirds held their engagement in 2012.

However, after being together for around four years, they split up after the variations in their life plans as per Bild.

Because of Gercke’s professional ambitions, her views clashed with the athlete. 

As Sami wanted to settle down and was ready to build a family, and Lena set her focus on her career growth, they mutually decided to put an end to their relationship.

Meanwhile, about Adriana, Sami was spotted holidaying on a beach with a Victoria’s Secret Model in 2016.

But, unlike the matters with Lena, Khedira’s and Lima’s split up never surfaced in public.


Sami Khedira Wife & Girlfriend 2021

In 2021, Sami Khedira’s girlfriend-turned wife is an FC Bayern athlete, Melanie Leupolz, as per Sport1.

Though Cosmopolitan has just regarded German National Player Melanie as Sami’s girlfriend, the Sport1 site referred to her as Sami’s new wife.

We searched Sami’s and Leupolz’s Instagram accounts and found they are not following each other, which does make us doubt if they are a couple or not.

How Much Is Sami Khedira Worth Before Retirement?

Sami Khedira has amassed a net worth of $60 million as per the Celebrity Networth site.

And, according to Pay Wizard, he was paid a salary of around $7,344,864.