What Happened To TikTok Star Lexi Orlove? Assault And Update

What Happened To Lexi Orlove? Get to know the TikTok star boyfriend. Everything about the assault and arrest. 

One famous TikTok celebrity, Lexi Orlove, was absent from social media for almost a week. Amid that, fans were worried about what happened to her. She has finally opened up about the incident on Instagram. 

Lexi took it to Instagram to inform the viewers that her ex-boyfriend has assaulted her. She is currently being treated in a hospital. As per sources, she is recovering quite well.

What Happened to Lexi Orlove? Everything On Her Assault

Lexi Orlove has reportedly suffered an assault at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. 

Talking about it on her Instagram handle, she shared the story of why she was away from social media for a week. 

Her ex-boyfriend came to her apartment to get his stuff back. But once she felt something off about him, she took out Pepper Spray and used it on him. 

But she accidentally sprayed herself and when she was cleaning her eyes, he came from behind and smashed her head on the door handle. She shares this story on Instagram. 

Warning! Graphical content ahead

Lexi Orlove Boyfriend: Is He Arrested?

Lexi Orlove’s ex-boyfriend is reportedly Erick Gooty. 

Whether or not he was the one who assaulted her is still a mystery as she hasn’t confirmed that yet. But fans believe that it was him.

The couple separated in December 2020 after dating for eight months. 

As of now, no one has been arrested. 

Lexi Orlove TikTok: Meet Her on Instagram

Lexi Orlove is very famous on TikTok – you can find her TikTok account here. 

She has already amassed more than 2.2 million followers on TikTok. The 18-year-old has a huge fan following on Instagram as well. Her Insta handle brags about 490k followers. 

Still to have a Wikipedia bio, one can find her bio on Famous Birthdays though.