Elijah Sommerz Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Net Worth: Facts to Know About

Elijah Sommerz is a famous Rapper, Entrepreneur, and Talent Manager from Canada. He has appeared on many famous celebrity blogs. He is best known for being a community Afrocentric Canadian public figure in Toronto.

He is well known for his sharp-witted advocacy for Afrocentric activism and social justice advocacy within the correctional institutional law and unconstitutional affairs dating back to 2016, he is one of many black entrepreneurs that have global recognition from Toronto, Canada.

Here in this article, we have mentioned everything about Elijah Sommerz.

Quick Facts: Elijah Sommerz

Name Robert Vernon (Elijah Sommerz)
Birthday December 22, 1991
Age 29
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 131.5 kg
Nationality Canadian
Profession Entrepreneur , Acquisition Manager, Rapper
Net Worth $1.4 million CAD

Elijah Sommerz Age And Height

Elijah Sommerz is one of the most outstanding and talented entrepreneurs in Canadian history. His real name is Robert Vernon. Elijah Sommerz was born in Toronto, Canada in the year of 1991. His birthday falls on 22nd December. 

He is currently 29 years old. This handsome rapper, Elijah stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches tall. Moreover, he has a heavy set bigger build body type with a weight of around 135 kg.


Elijah Sommerz Family

Everyone has a family, and just like any other celebrities, we are interested to know more about Elijah Sommerz’s family too.

But the sad thing is, Elijah Sommerz had difficult childhood as his mother was a drug addict who abandoned him when he was just a new born baby.

Also, his father was a Jamaican native who got deported due to some connection with a drug cartel when Elijah was just 6 years old. His father’s name is Mr. Lascelles Ozzie. Mr. Ozzie was a Reggae musician and it is said that he was the inspiration for rapper Elijah.

Elijah grew up with his very caring grandparents in Toronto. His grandparents are of Caribbean heritage.

Elijah Sommerz Net Worth

Elijah Sommerz is a rising celebrity who is growing annually with his brands. Elijah Sommerz is rich and owns a number of online business ventures. He is also a private angel investor.

Elijah Sommerz is one that doesn’t seem to care about having the most money and believes that money comes and goes in life and one should never get too attached to the money. Elijah Sommerz has accumulated an estimated net worth of around 1.4 million CAD.

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Who is Elijah Sommerz Dating?

Elijah Sommerz isn’t dating anyone at the moment.

Some sources say that he had some sort of a love affair back in 2018-2019 with a beautiful Latina decent women. However, there is not much information about that so we cannot say anything with utmost certainty.

So, until we find further details of his relationship status, we assume Elijah Sommerz is possibly single as of now.

Elijah Sommerz Wiki And Bio

The Canadian Afrocentric rapper Elijah Sommerz is a multi-million dollar business entrepreneur and Talent Manager who has a seemingly generous nature to help others around him.

Despite his popularity, Elijah Sommerz’s bio is not yet featured on the Wikipedia page, however, several wiki sites like Everipedia and Wikialpha has featured much information about him. He is also featured on the IMDb bio page.

Elijah Sommerz is the First Canadain Entrepreneur to be featured in The Source hip-hop culture magazine and other famous people news and magazine outlets currently to date.

Similarly, Elijah Sommerz holds the independent title of Canada’s first entrepreneur and rapper. The brands built by him stick out and are valued worldwide. His brand name is growing daily as he grows into a household name.

Elijah Sommerz Instagram And Social Media

Elijah Sommerz is an amazing act out of Toronto, Canada. He has a huge fan following on his Instagram account. He is active on Instagram as @elijahsommerz where he has above 19K followers as of now. He is quite a down to earth personality and is among those celebrities who can blend with the public and stay disguised. He prefers to keep a low profile while he appears in public.

He also has a Youtube channel where he posts many videos and songs. He is a very active and notable entrepreneur.

On his social media accounts, he shares posts related to his newest music releases and his products.

Elijah also has his own merchandise that is getting popular day by day.