Did Tyrone Williams Jockey Died By Stroke? Everything To Know About

Former Jockey Tyrone Williams has passed away at the age of 54 due to a stroke. Did you know about his wife and family?

Jockey Tyrone Williams is an award-winning rider who has won more than 800 races throughout his career. 

Further, Tyrone was the winner of the 1984 Royal Hunt Cup at Ascot and the 1997 York Ebor. 

Did Jockey Tyrone Williams Die Of Stroke?

Tyrone Williams died on May 11, 2021, due to a stroke.

He passed away at Great Western Hospital in Swindon. He was 54 years old at the time of his death. 

Furthermore, Tyrone suffered from a stroke in 2016. It left him with permanent double vision, memory loss, and paralysis on one side of his body. 

With the aid of Injured Jockey’s Fund, Tyrone continued his treatment.  

His family, friends, and fans have been paying their condolences and obituaries to the late jockey. 

Tyrone’s daughter called him a talented horseman and a respected jockey of his time. 

His friend, Frances Lochrane remembered him as an amazing and ambitious man who learned to ride with one hand. 

Tyrone Williams Wikipedia Bio

Following the stroke in 2016, Tyrone Williams joined Lambourn Riding for the Disabled Association. 

There, he regained his interest in horseriding again. He spent many hours and put in extra effort to ride again. 

Further, Tyrone successfully competed in the RDA South Region Qualifiers in dressage and shared his story in the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the RDA in 2019. 

Talking about his professional career, Tyrone initiated his career as a jockey at the age of 11. 

Tyrone Williams Wife And Children

Tyrone Williams is survived by his wife and children. 

He was married to his wife, Carol Williams. His wife is also a jockey and was a champion amateur woman rider. 

Moreover, Williams has two children: a son named Darragh Williams and a daughter, Kayleigh Williams. 

As for his other family members, he is the son of late Welsh boxer Lennie Williams. Similarly, his mother’s name is Gloria.

Willimas also has a brother named Jason and a sister Debbie in his family. 

What Is Tyrone Williams Net Worth?

Tyrone Williams’ verified net worth has not been published yet. 

However, with over 800 winnings in his career, Williams must have accumulated a sound net worth over the years. 

But, he must have also spent a huge fortune on his health treatment after suffering from a stroke in 2016. 

He was, in fact, supported by Injured Jockey’s Fund for his extensive rehabilitation treatment.