Justine Sacco Wikipedia: Everything To know About Former Fanduel Worker

Justine Sacco’s bio is not published on Wikipedia, but here are some interesting facts regarding Sacco.

Justine Sacco is the Chief Communication Officer in the organization, Match Group.

Match Group is an American company that operates dating services such as Tinder,, Meetic, Hinge, and many more. 

The company gained an unexpected rise within a short interval. At the same time, the people behind the company’s success became popular.

Sacco, who was among the group of people, has been asked many questions regarding her personal life.

So, who exactly is Justin Sacco? Let us find out.

Justine Sacco Wikipedia And Linkedin

Justine Sacco’s Wikipedia will be published shortly.

Moreover, she is currently based in Los Angeles, California. There is hardly any information regarding her early life.

Justine went to Tulane University to pursue her degree in Bachelor of Arts. Subsequently, she started working as Junio Account Executive in Dan Klores Communication.

Likewise, she became the account supervisor in The Morris and King Company. Her LinkedIn bio suggests that she also worked in WWE.

Sacco joined as a publicist and finally ended up as a manager before retiring from there.

Justine was the Senior Director in IAC for 7 months. Before going to Match Group, Sacco worked in a company called FanDuel for more than 3 years.

She was the director and vice president of the communication department.

Justine Sacco Net Worth And Age

Justine Sacco’s age is 41 years old as of 2021.

An article in NYTimes suggested she was 35 years old in 2015. 

Based on this information, we calculated Sacco’s current age.

Similarly, the net worth of Justine Sacco is not revealed for now. However, as per zippia, the average salary of match group employees is $75,089 annually.

Justine who works in the company holds a senior position. Based on that, we can say she is earning more than the above-mentioned range.

What Happened To Justine Sacco?

Sacco, who visited South Africa in 2013, returned home after a while. She was on the vacation to catch up with her parents.

Justine returned home and started sharing her experiences via her Twitter account.

She thought that describing it in a humorous way will spice things up. She made a joke related to AIDS and racism.

As Justin was a popular figure, these tweets became the headlines of many news channels. After that, she was fired from her company Match Group.

However, she was handed her job back in 2018.