Who is Police Impersonator Jeremy Dewitte? Everything On His Wife Net Worth and Wikipedia

Jeremy Dewitte’s wife was scared when she found out that her husband was charged with possession of a concealed weapon. She is finally relieved after finding out the charges were dropped.

Jeremy Dewitte is an American citizen who faced felony charges at the beginning of 2021.

He was seen in police uniform in a motorbike. Dewitte then randomly chatted with different pedestrians and travelers. 

So, why Jeremy is doing such acts? Let’s find out. 

Quick Facts:

Name Jeremy Dewitte
Age 41
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Funeral Escort
Married/Single Married
Wife Rania Abdelrahman
Twitter @DewitteCase

Who Is Jeremy Dewitte Wife?

Jeremy Dewitte got married to his wife Rania Abdelrahman over 15 years ago.

Rania is an Egyptian immigrant who settled in the US as an adult. Jerremy married her in 2005.

Their exact marriage details are not discussed for now. Jeremy is 5 years younger than his wife. 

It appears Jeremy loves Rania a lot. Though there is an age difference between them, they have never loose interest within themselves.

We hope they will have the same feelings and their love will never fade for each other.

Jeremy Dewitte Wikipedia

Jeremy Dewitte’s Wikipedia is not available for now.

He can be listed among the list of police impersonators. In fact, he is an expert in his craft and could fool anyone.

Jeremy is a 41-year-old guy from Florida. His birth details will be published shortly. On May 18, 1998, Jeremy was arrested for carrying a gun in the police uniform. 

Likewise recently he was seen by different locals and police officers that he was nagging different individuals in the street.

He released the footage of his helmet, where Jeremy was scolded by different individuals. A police officer found Jeremy was a police impersonator. He was arrested on that same spot.

After that, Jeremy was charged with different cases. As per the video on YouTube, he was charged with a felony. His crimes carry maximum sentencing of upto 85 years in prison. 

However, Jeremy is free of charges from now and released from jail.

Jeremy Dewitte Net Worth

Jeremy Dewitte’s net worth is not disclosed for now.

As per Simply Hired, the average salary of a funeral escort is around $54,310 annually. Maybe Jeremy is earning somewhere around this range.