Who is Antonia Salzano? Facts about Carlo Acutis’ Mother

Antonia Salzanois the mother of the Italian computer programmer, Carlo Acutis who died ion the 12th of October in 2006 and he was beatified only on the 10th of October in 2020 by the Catholic Church. Antonia is a good and loving mother who raised a sweet and brilliant child who grew up to be an excellent computer programmer.

Quick Facts: Who is Antonia Salzano? Facts about Carlo Acutis’ Mother

Name Antonia Salzano
Gender Female
Nationality British
Married/Single Married
Husband Andrea Acutis
Children Carlo Acutis

Antonia Salzano lost her son at a very young age and that moment devasted her family and gave her a very long time of grief which she endured with her heart for over a decade. Salzano is from a family of Catholics so when her son was not beatified certainly after his death, she was very upset.

10 Facts on Antonia Salzano

  1. Antonia Salzano has no details of her date of birth available on the internet at the moment. So her age is unknown.
  2. The name of the parents of Antonia is unknown. There are also no details of her decedent’s heritage and culture available.
  3. The mother of the computer programmer Cutis has been in trending news after her son was beatified on the 10th of October in 2020.
  4. Carlo was a teenager when his work on computer programming was recognized and he was well-appreciated in the world of programmers.
  5. Antonia is married to Andrea Acuti and their marriage date is unknown. They are a very wealthy family that lives and works in London and Germany.
  6. Carlo died of Leukemia but before his death, he was a young and bright boy who spread the message of the Catholic Church online.
  7. Salzano has no details about her childhood and academic qualifications available on the internet.
  8. Antonia has no accounts of any form of social media available on her name right now.
  9. With no wiki, the details of the net worth of Antonia Salzano are not available at the moment.
  10. After the beatification of Carlo, Antonia Salzano’s son is one step away from being the first millenial saint of a Catholic Church.

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