Who is Sydney Lawyer Chris Murphy? Daily Telegraph Defamation And Lawsuit

There are rumors that Chris Murphy, a high-profile lawyer, was defamed by The Daily Telegraph.

Chris Murphy has filed a lawsuit against the Telegraph for defamation in the Federal Court. Well, he was displeased by an October 10 column by journalist Annette Sharp.

According to Sharp, Chris was battling the ravages of age because of age and deafness. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the daily broadsheet newspaper has denied all of the claims.

Meet Chris Murphy Lawyer

Professionally, Chris Murphy is recognized as a Sydney lawyer. He runs his firm named Murphy’s Lawyers Inc.

In fact, he is known to be an advocate who has been in the field since 1972. Chris is an expert in defense litigation who has conducted the largest criminal law practice in his country.

Chris is an independent law practice professional who has helped several high-profile personalities. He seems to be quite proud of his achievements as he believes that nobody has achieved the success record he has.

Chris Murphy Age And Wikipedia Explored

Chris Murphy’s current age is already 72 years old. Even at 72, he has the same passion, which is the reason behind his successful career.

Well, Chris Murphy cannot be found on Wikipedia. However, we can read his bio on LinkedIn.

Moreover, we can find him on Twitter. His username can be searched as @chrismurphys, and he has around 19.5 thousand followers there.

Everything On Chris Wife 

Chris Murphy and his former wifeAgnes Bruck, have recently separated. According to The Daily Telegraph, their split’s main reason was the couples’ poor health condition.

They were married for almost 25 years. However, we are currently unknown about his children. In fact, we aren’t sure about his family life much.

Talking about his former wife, Agnes is an artist. In 2014, she was rewarded with the Portia Geach Memorial Award. Since the couples split, we are pretty much sure that Chris has remained single.