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1/2 as a decimal

1/2 as a decimal
26 May 2023

    The topic is “1/2 as a decimal”. We'll go step by step. Here are the methods.


    First things first. What's 1/2? It's one part of two. Now, how to convert it? Keep reading.

    Simple Division

    The easiest method is simple division. 1 divided by 2. Use a calculator. The result? It's .5. There you go. 1/2 is .5.

    Multiply By 1

    Here's another method. We can multiply by 1. Not clear? Allow me to explain.

    Change the denominator 2 to 10. To achieve that, multiply 2 by 5. Now, do the same for 1. You get 5/10. That is .5.

    Using Place Values

    This method uses place values. Look at 5/10. Here, 5 is in the tens place.

    1/2 as a decimal

    In decimals, 5 becomes in tenths place. That gives us .5. Simple, right?


    This method is fun. It's an addition. Add .3 and .2. Both are decimals. They add up to .5.

    Using A Decimal Grid

    The last method is with a decimal grid. Draw a square. Split it into two equal parts. Shade one part. That's 1/2. Now, label it as .5.

    That's it. Five ways to write 1/2 as a decimal. Try it yourself. Enjoy the process!
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