What Happened To Abigail Folger, When And How Did She Die?

It is rather gruesome for one to stand, and watch while life drains out of her body, such was the fate of late American coffee heiress Abigail Folger who became one of the victims of the Tate murders which happened on the 9th of August 1969 in LA California. Though she was born with the proverbial silver spoon, Abigail excelled in her academics and went on to become a Harvard graduate majoring in Art history.

All her years of study equipped Abigail Folger for a future career with the University of California Art Museum, where she was as a publicity director. The young Abigail was also involved in several charity projects, and despite her affluent background, she worked several jobs to make a living on her own. However, her life was cut short on that fateful day when she went for dinner at Sharon Tate’s house.

Abigail Folger’s Bio

She was the daughter of Inez Mejia and Peter Folger, born in San Francisco, California on the 11th of August 1943. Abigail Folger was a member of the affluent Folger family, noted for their extensive investments in the coffee business. In fact, her dad held the position of the president as well as chairman of the Folger Coffee Company which has been in the family since the time of JA Folger – her great-great-grandfather who was the founder.

Abigail Folger was not the only child of her parents; she was raised alongside a younger sister Elizabeth Folger, and Peter Folger, her younger brother. Unfortunately, their parent’s marriage did not last, it hit the rocks in 1952 when the young Abigail just turned nine, and it was her mum Inez who filed for a divorce claiming cruelty on her husband’s side as the reason for the separation. After their divorce was made official, it took Peter Folger eight years before he went into a second marriage in 1960.

The late heiress’ formative years were spent amidst the crème de la crème of Francisco society, and later, she made huge investments in books, arts, as well as poetry. Abigail Folger was also an adept hand with the piano and excelled in her academics. She was really brilliant as a child and was fondly called Gibby by family and close friends.

What Happened To Abigail Folger, When and How Did She Die?

A day before her demise, Abigail Folger went to the residence of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate for dinner alongside her lover Wojciech Frykowski. At that time, their relationship was starting to experience some strain, because according to reports, Wojciech was already stealing from his girlfriend even though she gives him all the financial support he needed. However, that didn’t stop her from taking him to Polanski’s home at 10050 Cielo Drive.

Sharon, who was then eight months pregnant, was alone at home as her husband was in Europe busy with a movie project. It was when Abigail Folger was in one of the guest rooms, and her boyfriend Wojciech was fast asleep on the sitting room couch that tragedy struck. The house was overrun around midnight by some Manson family members who were four in number; Susan Atkins, Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, as well as Linda Kasabian.

They killed everybody that was present in the house, one after the other; among the victims were Abigail Folger, Sharon Tate, Wojciech Frykowski, Jay Sebring (Sharon’s friend) and Steven Parent. No one was privy to the killings till Polanski’s housekeeper who resumed for work the next morning, immediately raised an alarm which brought the police to the murder scene.

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Abigail Folger’s body was completely soaked with blood when it was discovered outside the lawn. According to reports, she was trying to make an escape when she was caught and stabbed 28 times. The body of her lover was also there on the lawn with several wounds from gunshots and knife stabs. Similarly, Sharon and Sebring’s bodies were dumped inside the house with multiple wounds from the knife, while the teenager among them Steven parent who came to visit the caretaker received four gunshots, after which he was abandoned at the entrance, on the front seat of his car. Abigail Folger’s death date is capture as the 9th of August 1969 and she died in Bel Air, California