Stephanie Mead – Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Body Measurements

The gorgeous Stephanie Mead captured the hearts of her fans in every way through her looks and her on-air presence on every weather newscast on WISH-TV. Her broadcasting career kicked off from way back when she was still in college and today, she has built a successful career from which she has equally gained fame and popularity. Besides WISH-TV, the versatile weathercaster has worked with KMVT-TV and NBC 26. Her excellence reporting skills at NBC 26, earned her a spot during the Chicago/ Midwest Regional Emmy Awards nomination in 2017. Read on for more detailed information on her life and work.

Stephanie Mead – Biography (Age)

Respected for her broadcasting skills as a meteorologist and morning traffic host, Stephanie Mead on several occasions has given Americans the heads up about the weather and traffic every morning and most weekend nights. Mead was born on the 28th of March but has withheld details regarding the year she was born, as well as details concerning her parents and formative years. However, it is common knowledge that she has two sisters; Emily and Brittany Mead who she spent a good number of her formative years with.

Stephanie Mead was a student at Hinsdale South High School from where she moved on to attend the Northern Illinois University. She did very well in her chosen field of study and graduated with a degree in Geography. Sources also have revealed that she minored in journalism which gave her the perfect platform for her rise and current position in all things weather.

During her time in school and having known the line of career she wants to toe, Mead interned at WTVO-TV Channel 17 and worked with them for just a period of three months before taking the decision to retrace her steps and focus first on her education. Severally, the weathergirl has often times given credits to her days with the news station for teaching her the basics of broadcasting.

Stephanie Mead’s decisions to focus on her studies failed when she again took up a job as a forecaster for the Northern Television Center situated in Delkab Illinois. Though the weathergirl had limitations with distance to her place of work, she kept at it until she graduated in the year 2013. Upon graduation, she landed a job with KMVT-TV; local news station situated at win Falls Idaho as a reporter and a forecaster. While at the station, Stephanie worked with Brian Neudroff whom she gained better knowledge about broadcasting and weather forecasting from. She subsequently took over from him and began weather forecasting during weekend nights.

Stephanie Mead in a bid to be closer to her family, moved to NBC 26 at Green Bay, Wisconsin in April 2015. Like her former jobs, she was amazing with the crew giving accurate reads and predictions as regards the weather and traffic. She oftentimes faced work hazards; an example is her live reports during the thunderstorms and blizzards from Lambeau Field.
The weathergirl’s excellence with NBC 26 was not hidden, she made the nominations for the Chicago/Midwest Regional Emmy Awards. Subsequently, she resigned from the station in April 2017 after she took a job with WISH-TV. There, she has maintained her spot as a weathergirl in addition to being a track anchor for the station’s Track 8 Team.

Net Worth

Sadly, Stephanie Mead’s net worth and salary are still very much a mystery. However, it is no doubt that she has built a successful broadcasting career through her ground-breaking reporting skills and has obviously amassed a reasonable amount of wealth from her reporting deals.

Furthermore, she has served as a weather girl and anchor right from her college days and has worked with the broadcasting field for over a couple of years. From the best guesses, her net worth should be running into hundreds of dollars if not millions.


Stephanie is married to her longtime partner, Todd McMahon. The two tied the knot on the 26th of September 2018 and are yet to have kids of their own. Not much is known about Todd as Mead has been super careful about divulging details about their family life.

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Body Measurements and Height

Unarguably, one of the charming facts about Stephanie is her looks. She is incredibly tall and carries a perfect body weight but that’s not all that catches the eye about the weathergirl whose body measurements are not known but who from all indication, is curvy and has a good figure.

Rumors went rife sometime back that she had done plastic surgery to increase her bust size, but there have been no confirmations as to whether any of it is true. Stephanie Mead on her part has remained silent on the issue.