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0.375 as a fraction

0.375 as a fraction
25 May 2023

    Convert decimal .375 as a fraction.

    If you want to convert another fraction, you can use this method.

    First way

    Have you met .375? It's a decimal. In math, we change decimals to fractions. How so? Let's dive in.

    • Step one: know what a decimal is. For .375, it's “375 thousandths”. Simple, right? Now we write it as a fraction. That's 375/1000. But we're not done yet.
    • Step two: simplify. This means dividing by a common number. For 375 and 1000, that's 125. Let's do that. We get 3/8.

    Done! See how easy that was? That's one way to do it.

    .375 as a fraction

    Second way

    Let's look at another way. We can use place values. The first digit after the decimal is tenths. The second is hundredths. The third is thousandths.

    We have 3 in the tenths place. We have 7 in the hundredths place. Furthermore, we have 5 in the thousandths place.

    Now, write these as fractions. We get 3/10, 7/100, and 5/1000.

    Next, add these fractions. The result? It's 3/8.


    There you have it! Two ways to write .375 as a fraction. Try it yourself next time.
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