Perry Farrell – Bio, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Facts About The Singer-Songwriter

The lead performer of the award-winning musical group, Jane’s Addiction, Peretz Bernstein who is famously known with his stage name, Perry Farrell has made remarkable contributions to the music industry, having written and released numerous songs as well as albums under different musical bands. Beginning his career as a band member of Psi Com, Farrell moved on to create the foundation for the establishment of the popular rock band, Jane’s Addiction in 1985 with Eric Avery, Dave Navarro, and Stephen Perkins.

The group garnered a huge fan base with their sensational performances. They also released many songs and albums including ‘Ritual de lo’, ‘Nothing’s Shocking’, ‘Kettle Whistle’ and ‘Strays’. The group’s illustrious music career clinched them the Godlike Genius Award as they made history by becoming the first-ever American band to be recognized with the award. Perry Farrell further formed a theatrical musical group called Satellite Party alongside his wife, Etty Lau.

Farrell has also had good moments as a solo artist performer and has penned down many songs which became movie soundtracks such as ‘Go All the Way for’ The Twilight and ‘Nasty Little Perv’ for NCIS.

Perry Farrell Biography

The famous music artist was born in Queens, New York, the United States on 29th, 1959. His father was a businessman who traded on jewelry while his mother worked as an artist but sadly, she took her own life when Perry Farrell was three years old. Upon completion of his basic education, he relocated to California where he took up many menial jobs in order to make earns meet.

In 1981, he began his career in music as a lead singer of the musical group, Psi Com but after staying with them for four years, the group disunited. In the same year, he formed Jane’s Addiction with Eric Avery as the bassist, Dave Navarro as the guitarist and Stephen Perkins as the drummer. Serving as the group’s lead vocalist, Perry Farrell along with his bandmates dropped three albums before they got separated in the year 1991. They briefly came back together six years later as they went for The Relapse Tour, during which they released an album titled, Kettle Whistle

In 2001, Farrell got the musical group together again, for them to perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival which was a huge success that year. Two years later, the group released their smash album, ‘Strays’ which became a commercial success. However, Jane’s Addiction disunited again in 2004 but eventually made an appearance as a musical group at the NME Awards held in the United States in 2008. Perry Farrell has also performed as a solo artist and currently dropped his new album titled, Kind Heaven on 7th June 2019.

Perry Farrell’s Net Worth

The sensational vocalist who has penned down several songs has a net worth that is estimated at $50 million. This, he accrued from his bloomy music career.

Perry Farrell’s Family – His Wife

Perry Farrell walked down the aisle with his now-wife, Etty Lau Farrell, a vocalist, dancer, and actress, in 2002. The couple are proud parents of two sons named Hezron and Izzadore Farrell. His wife, Etty has performed together with Farrell on several occasions. She has also featured as an actress in E! Channel’s series, Married to the Rock.

Facts About The Singer-Songwriter

1. Lollapalooza Festival

Perry Farrell is the founder of an annual music festival known as Lollapalooza which he established in 1991 as a send forth tour for Jane’s Addiction. He has also organized other musical concerts such as Kidzapalooza and Purimpalooza.

2. His Past Relationships

Prior to his marriage with Etty Lau, Perry Farrell has had romantic affairs with a few ladies which includes Casey Niccoli and Christine Cagle, with whom he had a son named Yobel.

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3. Career Achievements

Farrell has set a record of being the only music artist who has performed at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festivals for twelve consecutive times that the festival has been organized. He also released an experimental docudrama film titled, Gift along with his then-girlfriend, Casey Niccoli.

4. Perry Farrell is an Advocate of Environmentalism

Following his advocacy of the preservation, restoration, and improvement of the natural environment, Farrell has participated in a green living campaign run by the Global Cool Foundation and has also discussed global warming issues with former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

5. Charity Work

The popular musician has participated in many fund-raising projects for the less privileged, having raised funds for the Hurricane Katrina victims and equally for a non-profit organization called Road Recovery.