Nicholas Braun – Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Is He Gay?

Ardent followers of the HBO family drama, Succession, will definitely know who Nicholas Braun is. In the show, which focuses on the wealthy and scheming Roy Family, Braun plays the role of the overlooked but cunning great nephew Greg. His excellent portrayal of the character has won him praise with many describing him as the show’s secret weapon.

The talented actor commenced his career as a teenager, cutting his teeth in several Disney movies, before finally hitting it big. Get to know more about him here including his bio, height, girlfriend, whether he is gay.

Nicholas Braun Biography (Age)

Nicholas Joseph Braun was born to Elizabeth Lyle and Craig Braun on the 1st of May 1988 in Long Island, New York. He has a brother named Christopher Deyo Braun. Christopher is also a creative fellow as he is a musician. His parents divorced when he was just five and following their subsequent remarriages, he has two half-brothers; Guillaume Rumiel and Timothy Braun. Both are equally involved in the movie industry.

Braun had his education at St Mark’s School, Southborough, Massachusetts and finished in 2006. He fell in love with acting at the age of five due to his father’s influence. His father was a budding actor whilst working in corporate America. The older Braun took acting classes and regularly shared what he learned with his son. The young Braun also helped his father rehearse his lines and all this made him fall in love with acting and he decided to pursue it as a career.

Nicholas joined the drama group in his school. He also scoured acting magazines for open calls and would regularly attend the auditions. All this hard work paid off in the 2000s when Braun landed minor roles in some TV films and series. He was still in high school at that time and featured in projects such as Walter and Henry (TV film- 2001), Law & Order: SVU (2002), and Carry Me Home (TV film- 2004).

Nicholas Braun rose to the spotlight in 2005. This was thanks to the superhero comedy film, Sky High. In it, he played the role of a teenager who has the ability to glow in the dark. From Sky High, Braun went on to appear in various Disney movies such as Minuteman (2008), Princess Protection Program (2009), and Prom (2011). He also appeared in two ABC TV series, 10 Things I Hate About You and The Secret Life of an American Teenager.

Braun’s career has not been limited to teenage movies alone. He has also appeared in adult fares such as Date and Switch, How To Be Single, Poltergeist, The Year of Spectacular Men, among many others.

Who Is His Girlfriend?

Nicholas Braun has been romantically linked with some of his colleagues in the past. He was rumoured to have dated former video-vixen/model turned actress, Cody Kennedy. She is popular for movies such as Memoria, Casual and Fog City. Braun and Kennedy reportedly dated in 2007 but this was never officially confirmed. He was also rumoured to have dated 50 Shades of Grey Star, Dakota Johnson, in 2015. However, it is quite easy to conclude that this relationship was conjured up by the media just because they have played love interests in some movies. Even though Braun and Johnson have natural onscreen chemistry, there is nothing between the two but mutual respect and friendship. Braun revealed as much in a 2016 interview with Backstage Magazine. He stated that he loves her as a person and loves working with her.


One of Nicholas Braun’s most standout feature is his height. He is quite tall as he stands at 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m). With such a height, he could have easily made it into the NBA if he is athletic enough. Apart from his towering height, he has other physical features such as blue eyes and light brown hair (often dyed black). His weight is further given as 194 lbs (88 kg).

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Is He Gay?

There is nothing to suggest that the Succession star is gay. There is also nothing to suggest that he is not gay. It is all up in the air at the moment. Howeve,r one thing that is for sure is that Nicholas Braun is a big supporter of LGBT rights. He once posted a picture of himself kissing his good friend, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. A look at the background of the picture would reveal that they were at a public rally.