Mika Rotunda of WWE – Bio, Father (Mike Rotunda) And Sister (Bray Wyatt)

The Rotunda as a family does not need any form of introduction as far as the World Wrestling Federation now Known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is concerned. Mika Rotunda is the daughter of the legendary Lawrence Michael Rotunda who is popularly known by his stage name Mike Rotunda. He held sway in the ring from 1980 until 2004 when he retired, leaving the rings to his two sons – Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas who took over where he left off.

Mika Rotunda is a blogger, fitness enthusiast, media personality, and film producer. She would later join her family in WWE in what looks like a family brand, though she does not fight Mika works from behind the scenes.

Mika Rotunda of WWE – Bio

The actual age of Mika Rotunda is shrouded in secrecy, however, it is a known fact that she celebrates her birthday on the 2nd of August every year. The young Mika Rotunda sure had a fun childhood as she got to witness first-hand her father fights preparations. She schooled at Connecticut School of Broadcasting, a vocational school where she acquired knowledge about television and radio broadcasting.

As an undergraduate, she got practical knowledge of broadcasting, working with a local television station as a production assistant in the year 2012. Mika Rotunda later tried her hands in small film production projects. After her graduation from Connecticut School in 2013, she was hired by a Florida based TV station where she served as the production assistant of Jannus Live.

When she had mastered the art of production and became proficient in software like Adobe Suite, she landed a couple of jobs in filming and video editing. She worked for bands like Cage the Elephants, Dropkick Murphys, and Dirty Heads before she was later hired by WTOG TV-CW44, where she served in the film production department where adverts and commercials were churned out.

By 2015 her professional service was moved to a radio station owned by Cos Media Group where she became an OAP. Shortly after, she became a co-host of Drew Garabo Live, a radio show that aired on the Bone 102.5 FM in March of 2017. The radio is one of the top radio stations in Tampa Bay. The show hits the air every Monday and Tuesday.

Mika Rotunda’s first outing in the WWE was in 2015 when she set out to become a ring announcer. She has worked in the production unit of WWE, since April 2017. She seems to derive so much joy and fulfillment watching her brothers ply their trade in the sports.

She has garnered quite a fortune in her profession and has been very active and popular on social media especially on her YouTube Channel – Next2NextMika. On Twitter, she has thousands of followers.

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Father (Mike Rotunda)

The beautiful OAP was born to Stephanie Rotunda and the legendary Mike Rotunda. Though not much is known about her mother, her father was a wrestling star. Her father was born on March 30, 1958, in St. Petersburg, Florida. He graduated from Newark Valley High School located in Newark Valley, New York. He fought amateur wrestling in High school where clinched the 215 lb class in 1976 and emerged 4th at the New York State Championships. He passed through Syracuse University before taking up a pro career in wrestling.

Mike Rotunda in the course of his over two-decade career went by a couple of monikers including Irwin R. Schyster, and V.K. Wallstreet. He won competitions like NWA World Tag Team Championship, NWA World Television Championship, and WWF World Tag Team Championship before he proceeded to retirement in 2004.

Brother – Bray Wyatt

Mika Rotunda has two brothers who have also made names for themselves in the ring, they are Windham Rotunda, known by his stage name, Bray Wyatt, and Taylor Rotunda who is professionally known as Bo Dallas. The former has won the WWE Championship and SmackDown Tag Team Championship alongside The Wyatt Family. He was previously wedded to Samantha Rotunda and they both share two lovely daughters.

Bo Dallas was born on May 25, 1990, he has won the NXT Championship and RAW Tag Team Championship with Curtis Axel. He is the husband of Sarah Bäckman whom he married in 2014, they are yet to have their own kids.