Maureen Mcphilmy – Bio, Ex-Spouses (Bill O’Reilly and Jeffrey Gross) and Net Worth

Being a public relations expert who is involved in a controversial divorce over physical abuse must have been like an ant working into a house of honey, especially when the other party in your divorce is controversial and unpopular television news host, Bill O’Reilly. Such was the luck of Maureen McPhilmy, who was married to Bill O’Reilly for years before the door of divorce came knocking. Through it, Maureen has not only become a notable social figure, raising her profile and that of her company, but she has also become richer through the divorce settlement with the former Fox News man. Who is she and how did she get to this point in her career? Learn more below.

Maureen McPhilmy – Biography

Unfortunately, the juiciest parts of Maureen McPhilmy’s life have been from her relationship with O’Reilly to the present. Most things about her past, such as her education and parents are currently shrouded in mystery. We do however know Maureen is a New York native, born in Chittenango on the 11th of May, 1966. She wasn’t born into an affluent family, with her father being a worker at a local market while her mother worked as a gardener. Her parent’s marriage did not last but they still strived to give her a good education, enrolling her at St. Peter’s School before she went on to college where she graduated from a reputable university and began working in a public relations company.

Before Maureen McPhilmy got her position as a public relations officer, she spent some time working as a waitress. This exposure and the reality of financial difficulties made her work very hard to become a public relations executive, where she led campaigns and several projects in the management and promotion of the public images of brands and individuals.

Net Worth

It is hard to determine what exactly is Maureen McPhilmy’s net worth with some sources reporting a modest figure of $4 million. Despite it being public knowledge that she got a $10 million settlement from her divorce from Bill O’Reilly and the very fact that she had her own career before the marriage ended. It is difficult to determine how much exactly the public relations executive is worth. She is however confirmed to be a millionaire.

Ex-Spouse – Bill O’Reilly

When her life got a significant turnaround and she became a public relations officer in 1992, it wasn’t the only change that happened to her that year. She also met Bill O’Reilly that same year. Maureen McPhilmy met him when they both worked on a show. While she worked behind the camera as a public relations executive, Bill worked in front of it, as the host of the show, A Current Affair.

Maureen and Bill were drawn to each other and they became friends before they became lovers. Their lovely relationship blossomed into a marriage on the 2nd of November, 1996. It was the culmination of a budding love story which later produced two children – Madeline and Spencer, both of whom were born in 1998 and in 2003 respectively. It seemed like their love was bound to last until 2010 when it was announced that the couple had separated from each other.

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News of Maureen filing for a divorce subsequently followed with physical abusive cited as the reason. It was a shock to several of their fans and the public at large who adored Bill O’Reilly for his shows. The divorce was a messy one, one that involved her daughter Madeline having to confirm the abusive nature of her father in court. The annulment eventually came to a conclusive end with Maureen awarded full custody of their children. She also pocketed $10 million in the process.

Spouse – Jeffrey Gross

After her marriage to Bill O’Reilly officially ended, Maureen McPhilmy wasted no time in getting into a relationship with another man, police detective, Jeffrey Gross. A fact that angered Bill and spurned another battle in the court of law, which he lost again.

The relationship between Maureen and Jeffrey was believed to have started while Maureen was in a process of separating from Bill in 2010. Jeffrey Gross is a police officer working with the Nassau County Police Force. The couple later got married after they weathered the battle from Bill O’Reilly who accused Maureen of using the settlement from their marriage to finance her relationship with Jeffrey.

Just like Maureen, the marriage is Gross’ second, after he lost his first wife to cervical cancer in 2006. In like manner with Maureen, his first marriage produced two children. When exactly they got married is currently unknown, but the two have been married for a while now, living their lives and raising their four children quietly in Manhasset, New York.