Maureen Blumhardt, Charles Barkley Wife – Bio, Son, Family, Facts

One of the reasons the name Maureen Blumhardt has resonated in the media is because she makes up one half of a bi-racial couple, as she is a white woman who got married to a black man. But, this is not all she is known for. Her husband is Charles Barkley who used to play basketball professionally, during the long-lived career, he played for three major teams and is remembered for his impressive skills. He is also the recipient of many awards in the sport and now works as an analyst of the game.

Usually, being married to a popular person means that you will enjoy some of the fame they have, this theory also applies to the life of Blumhardt.

Maureen Blumhardt’s Bio

Regardless of the fame that Maureen Blumhardt has, a lot of things about her remain unknown. For one, the exact day she was born is not known. It is however known that she was born in the city of New York circa 1960.

Although it is known that Maureen Blumhardt was born in the city of New York, the type of childhood she had is not accessible and information about her parents, as well as the details of any formal education she might have gotten is not known.

The only known careers that Maureen Blumhardt has had, is one in modeling and another being a legal aide, it has been speculated that at an earlier time in her life, she might have nursed dreams of becoming an actress. One of the brands she worked for as a model is Noblerex K-1, which is an exercise machine company, which offered fitness from body vibrations. It was during this period in her life – working those two jobs, that she met Charles Barkley.

Family – Marriage To Charles Barkley, Daughter, Son

Maureen Blumhardt is the wife of a man who makes the list of fifty greatest NBA players of all time, this man is Charles Barkley. Their first meeting was in Philadelphia at the City Avenue Resturant. When they met, Blumhardt was juggling a career in modeling and working as a legal aide and Barkley had just begun his professional NBA career, playing for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Reports about their first meeting vary and this variance in the accounts of their meeting can be hinged on the fact that when they had their wedding in 1989, they kept the marriage under wraps, so, not a lot is known of how they first met. This decision to keep their relationship under wraps stemmed from the racial tension of the 80s and 90s. It was not until much later that they were comfortable with telling people they were married and even when they did, they were still subjected to questions. Regardless of the problems they faced with the public based on their racial differences, the both of them have found a way to weather all storms that may have come their way in the course of their marriage. Maureen Blumhardt and Charles Barkley got married at a courthouse in a quiet affair and have remained married for three decades; there has been no sign of a split. On the controversy that came with their marriage, they have remained mum.

Their marriage has produced one child, a daughter who was given birth to in 1989, her name is Christiana. They all live in Arizona.

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Maureen Blumhardt’s Facts

• One of the few things that Maureen Blumhardt has been willing to reveal about herself is her philanthropy and this is most likely because she has no say in how people talk about the good she does. Her honorary membership at the charity group, Fresh Start Women’s foundation is one of the testimonies of how willing she is to give back to society.

• Maureen Blumhardt has received praise from her husband for how she turned his life around, especially in the area of gambling, for this, he is grateful. Barkley was also opposed to the idea of marriage until he met Maureen.

• For a woman who lives under the radar, Maureen Blumhardt seems to have found a way to have an interesting social media experience on the social media platform Twitter. Although she does not have as many followers as you would expect of a celebrity, she makes use of her Twitter for humorous purposes. A quick scroll through her timeline will reveal a woman who has a very good sense of humor.