Matteo Bocelli Biography And Facts About Andrea Bocelli’s Son

Earlier in 2017 when young Matteo Bocelli participated alongside Jennifer Lopez in the shooting for Guess, people believed him to be just another upcoming model. Little did they know that there is much more to Matteo. He left his audience completely stunned after he performed a duet alongside his iconic Italian tenor dad, Andrea Bocelli. Their single titled Fall on Me from Andrea’s 2018 album, Si was well received by fans and since then, the young talent has been garnering an admirable number of followers who just can’t get enough of him.

Even though he is still a student at Lucca Conservatory studying vocal performance, Matteo is gradually drawing attention for his singing talents away from the shadows of his dad. His debut public performance was accomplished at an Italian open-air amphitheater located in Lajatico, Tuscany, popularly known as the Teatro del Silenzio. Matteo performed there in his capacity as a tenor and he was just 18 at the time. March 2017 saw him joining the David Foster and Friends competition which was organized for the Horatio Alger Award in Washington.

Matteo Bocelli’s Biography

Born in Forte Dei Marmi Italy on the 8th of October 1997, Matteo Bocelli is the son of the music legend Andrea Bocelli and Enrica Cenzatti, his first wife. The Italian national spent his early years alongside an older brother, Amos Bocelli born on the 22nd of February 1995. However, he has a younger half-sister, Virginia Bocelli born out of the relationship between Andrea Bocelli and his manager Veronica Berti after the end of his marriage with Matteo’s mum. Veronica later became Matteo’s stepmom following her nuptials with Andrea on Virginia’s second birthday.

Matteo’s dad is best recognized as one of the best tenors of our time, despite the fact that he was born with very poor eyesight which left him completely blind following a football accident. He went against all odds to become an international celeb with three hits albums, 15 solo studio albums, and nine complete operas to his credit. His record sale thus far sits at over 90 million.

Even though Matteo Bocelli’s parents have long divorced, both of them were heavily involved in the upbringing of both Matteo and his older brother Amos. However, his dad took up residence with his second wife Veronica in a villa located in Forte Dei Marmi while the two Bocelli brothers live in the old family house with their mom. Right from his childhood, the young talent has always shown signs of inheriting his father’s musical genes and with the type of stimulating environment he grew up in, his musical talents flourished under the influence of his dad’s guidance.

Matteo began studying the piano at a very tender age and by the time he hit his teens, the rising star equally developed a love for sports but it is obvious that music is his forte as he is currently studying vocal performance at the Lucca Conservatory.

Facts About Andrea Bocelli’s Son

He’s a Spitting Image of His Father

If you want to see what Matteo Bocelli will look like at his old age, you don’t need to search far, closer scrutiny of his dad’s facial feature reveals that both are of similar features and build, in fact, Matteo is more like a younger version of Andrea. It would appear that their resemblance does not just end with physical appearance as the young talent has inherited his dad’s musical gift in addition to his renowned soaring vocals.

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Matteo Bocelli’s Love Life

There is absolutely nothing to go by on Matteo Bocelli’s relationship history, though his sexual orientation is believed to be straight. The upcoming star is perceived as single; the only known female of his acquaintance is Bella Hadid who works as a model but speculations have it that she is just an old family friend and not romantically linked to Matteo.


Just as his love life, the young singer’s body statistics have never been reported. But it is obvious that he has an athletic body and a good height speculated to be above 6 feet. Without a doubt, he is a good looking fella.