Mark Ingram Wife, Dad, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Bio

Mark Ingram is an American football player who followed in his father’s footsteps and has become an important player in the NFL where he plays for the New Orleans Saints as a running back. He is said to have performed exceedingly better than his father in most of his games. His dad, Mark Ingram Sr. was noted as one of the best football players in his heyday. Ingram Jr. has proved his worth as one of the effective hands in the Saints set up. Here is everything there is to know about the footballer.

Mark Ingram’s Bio

Everything about Mark Ingram is quite interesting; he sure has a strong charisma that enables him to pull the crowd while at his games. His foundation as an athlete was laid by his father who is known to be a legendary professional footballer in his time. He has been placed off games on several occasions because of his lack of control over drug usage yet he has bagged a lot of achievements more than most athletes who have never stayed out of their games.

Before we go detailing you about his birth, it is quite interesting to know that he was born with an athletic gene. Trained with three other children, Mark Valentino Ingram, born on December 21, 1989, is the only son of his parents. His interest in sports was engineered by his father when he was way younger and is said to have learned a lot of football stints from his dad.

Grand Blanc Community High School was where he first showed his athletic prowess. He spent a few years there before moving over to Flint Southwestern Academy where he overshadowed most of his peers academically and in sports. While at the high school, he was quite an athletic star, participating in football, sprint, and long jump. By the end of his time in high school, he had acquired a lot of awards.

Upon graduation, Mark Ingram enrolled at the University of Alabama on a scholarship. he played football with the Alabama Crimson Tide and was noted for his excellent performances on the field. He decided to forgo his senior years of college eligibility to go professional. He was drafted in the 2011 NFL Draft as his historical records proved that he was worth it. The New Orleans Saints choose him as the 28th overall pick in the draft.

Net Worth

Mark Ingram has earned about $22.49 million in career earnings since he turned pro in 2011. His salary cap hit for the current season is said to be around $5.3 million and his current contract is worth $7.41 million and comes with a signing bonus of $3.89 million. He is estimated to be worth around $12 million.

Family – Dad, Wife

The New Orleans Saints running back surely owes mostly all he’s become in the NFL today to the training he got from his father. Mark Ingram Sr. starred as a wide receiver for different football clubs in the NFL. Although retired, his tremendous performances with the Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, and the Philadelphia Eagles are etched in history. He has served time in prison as a result of his involvement in money laundering and fraud.


Mark Ingram Jr. sure has good taste when it comes to women. He is married to Chelsea Peltin-Brown. The two got affianced sometime in July 2016 and later took a bold walk down the aisle in a small ceremony on April 3, 2017. Records have it that they had their honeymoon at an Island. So far, their union has produced three children, two girls, and a boy.

Apart from being a stay at home wife, Chelsea has trodden the path of a fitness trainer despite having a bagged a degree in Broadcast Journalism from California State University. She uses her social media platforms in educating the world on various work out procedures.

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Height, Weight

Mark Ingram is just one inch shorter than his dad who is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He stands at 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 98 kg. Having been married to a fitness trainer, you sure bet that he needs no reminder for his days at the gym as his wife would surely do better than an alarm clock.